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Innovations in education: technologies of distant learning

опубликованно 19.06.2020 // 154 - просмотров

Organization of distant learning in the system of secondary and high education is carried out in the country and international practice is studied in this sphere.

Vice-premier P. Agamyradov informed at the session of the Government that distant learning and various scientific conferences are carried out in educational facilities provided with digital technologies.

It is proposed to organize distant and methodological assistance to parents in preparation of children to school and distant learning of citizens with limited capabilities in Turkmenistan for the first time.

Personnel having secondary professional education would be able to receive higher education in profile speciality in the nearest future. Distant technologies will also find wide application in work for improvement of qualification of specialists in different branches of the economy.

According to this, it is planned to develop and introduce new provisions for use of distant learning technologies allowing developing educational programmes remotely to national legislation.

In this context, the Head of the State noted importance of improvement of efficiency of the system of secondary and higher education and requested to take proper measures for further implementation of modern information and communication technologies.

It was highlighted that innovations implemented in this field will not only increase the level of national education and to expand the cooperation between profile facilities of the country but also will establish relations with foreign scientific and educational centres.


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