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Textile shops of national brands are opened in the capital and Balkan velayat

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Opening ceremony of specialized shops of the Ministry of Textile Industry took place in Ashgabat and Gumdag, Balkan Velayat.

New shopping complexes present wide variety of eco-friendly and quality textile production made in Turkmenistan, which is on stable demand at local and foreign markets.

It sales the goods of national brands, which have become very popular last time. it includes sewing and knitted items of Gala trademark from Gyoktepe Textile Complex, Goza from Ashgabat Textile Complex, production of Bedew brands, Turkmenbashy Jeans Complex as well as Ýeňiş Mary Factory, Ashgabat Velvet Factory and other.

National fashion designers target on seasonal requirements of the population developing and putting clothes lines of the world fashion trends into production. Summer stylish clothes for men and women, sport uniform for students taking into account specification of each university using national décor will be undoubtedly on high demand.

Design of spacious and light halls of new shops and fitting rooms provide maximum comfort for visitors, who are able to buy the product they like for cash and non-cash payment.

Variety of presented goods designated for all age categories like for children and adults indicates detailed study of the buyer’s demand who started preferring national producers. It is also the reflection of big achievements of textile industry, which makes bet on progressive technologies and advanced world practice in their development.


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