Graduation ceremonies of cadets of Military Academy and universities of security forces take place in Turkmenistan | TDH

Graduation ceremonies of cadets of Military Academy and universities of security forces take place in Turkmenistan

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Honouring ceremony of graduates of the Military Academy of Turkmenistan, high educational institutes of security forces of the country as well as Military Medicine Department of M. Karriyev State Medical University took place in the country.

As an honour of military traditions, the events of this day, important in life of the officer corps, have started in Ashgabat from flower laying ceremony to the Monument of Berdymuhamed Annayev in specialized military school No. 1, which has his name.

After, the events have been continued at «Halk hakydasy» (People’s Memory) Memorial Complex. Officer and cadets have marched in single column and laid flowers to the monuments of military glory.

Vice-premier, Secretary of the State Security Council Ch. Amanov has read out the greeting message of President, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan, Army General Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on occasion of the ceremonial event.

It is mentioned in the message that military schools, high educational institutes of military and law enforcement agencies, Military Academy have been opened in the country for representatives of younger generation would be able to go through all stages of military education and to improve their knowledge. Special attention would continue to be paid to training of qualified military specialists, provision of all levels of education with high quality information base and wide use of digital technologies.

“Throughout its thousands year old history, our brave people honoured and respected defenders of homeland paying tribute to their courage and heroism. These noble traditions received deserved continuation in modern age.

Having perfectly mastered weapons, military and specialized equipment, you have to provide reliable protection of fundamental bases and borders of our state. Being a high example of loyalty to the Motherland, you have to make personal input to dynamic development of the country, to be a stronghold of independence”, - Turkmen leader highlights in his message.

After this, award of diploma of high professional education, identification badges and officer IDs to this year graduates takes place. Young officers have sworn a military oath of loyalty to the Motherland and Turkmen people.

Celebration atmosphere was highlighted by demonstration performance of military personnel of the battalion of the guard of Honour as well as historical and patriotic stage plays performed by art masters and musical congratulations of art collectives of high educational institutes of military and law enforcement agencies of the country.

Honouring ceremony of the graduates of Naval Institute of the Ministry of Defence of Turkmenistan took place at the square with National Flag in Turkmenbashy.


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