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Ecological outcomes of the Day without transport are summed up in the capital of Turkmenistan

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The World Bicycle Day, which was established by the Resolution of the United Nations General Assembly in 2018 by initiative of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, has been widely observed in Turkmenistan on June 3.

Numerous cyclists – supporters of healthy life style, have entered the roads and highways of the country. At the same time, ecological aspect is an important component of organization of the events of the Bicycle Day. It is not occasionally that this holiday was timed to the Day without transport.

Care of ecological wealth is an integral part of socially oriented policy of the Head of the State, where health, full and happy life of Turkmen people is a top priority.

At present time, our country is a member of 20 multilateral international documents in natural protection sphere. Last year, National Strategy for climate change in new edition has been adopted. Relative norms of international law have been implemented to the Laws of Turkmenistan on Protection of Ozone layer and on Protection of Atmospheric Air.

Today, ecological situation in the country is described as a favourable. On June 3, the traffic of the roads of the main city of the country was allowed only by bicycles, passenger buses as well as emergency vehicle services from 0600 to 1800. Having given some rest to our beautiful capital from big amount of transport, this action allowed cleaning the air from exhaust gases of the vehicles.

Monitoring of impact of traffic limitation on atmospheric air on this day in the capital was carried out by Ecological Monitoring Service of the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Protection. Specialists took samples of air in five mobile and stationary checkpoints of Ashgabat, studied its composition and compared with sample taken on the day before.

In the result of comparison of samples, it was found out that amount of dust has reduced by 20 percent, sulphur dioxide by 10 percent, nitrogen dioxide by 40 percent, phenol by two times.

Therefore, the action related to limitation of vehicle traffic does have real and significant effect. The air in the city becomes pure.


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