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Summer holiday season starts in children health improving centres

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Traditional ceremony of departure of school students to children health improving centres of Gyokdere, where summer holiday season has started, was held in Turkmen capital.

Concerts were held on the square in front of the Youth and Children Palace of the capital. Cheering songs and dances, joyful stage plays have become an artistic present from popular children collectives to young supporters of active holidays.

Music did not stop when delegation of school students from the capital and velayats went to neatly decorated buses, which set off toward summer adventures in natural health resorts of Gyokdere.

Children are also met happily in health improving centres of the Kopetdag gorges. The most comfortable conditions were made in children health improving centres. After setting up, children will make artistic collectives and sport teams as various contests, concert and sport competitions, which will united children from all centres, are to start very soon.

Super modern health resorts have all necessary for efficient and happy holidays like excellent sport and playgrounds, dance classes, computer centres, handcraft sections, theatre and art studios, libraries.

Specialists of ministries and profile structures of education, culture, health protection and medical industry, sport and youth affairs, representatives of public organizations have prepared thoroughly to organization of comprehensive holidays of children.

Owing to their joint efforts, numerous contest, concerts with participation of beginning artists and children art collectives, winners of various competitions of the state and international level, famous popular singers and musicians are held every summer season in centres.

Theatre and circus collectives prepare to meet young spectators as well. Tours around attractions of white-marble capital , visits to historical and cultural monuments, museums and entertainment centres will be organized for children.


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