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Conference of the World Turkmen Handmade Carpet Connoisseurs Association is held

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Anniversary XX Conference of the World Turkmen Handmade Carpet Association was held in the Trade and Industry Chamber.

Chairman of National Committee of the Council of International Museums of Azerbaijan, Director Berlin State Archaeological Museum, heads of «TECHCON GmbH» (Germany) and «Linkway» (Turkey), partners and connoisseurs of Turkmen carpet art from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan as well as historical scientists and art scientists, experts, carpet makers and collectors from Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and other countries were among the participants of the forum.

Achievements in solution of objectives of careful protection and wide popularization of spiritual and cultural heritage of Turkmen people, national traditions of handmade carpet making and other decorative and applied art, introduction of latest industrial developments in the sphere have been discussed at the fields of the forum and online.

It was mentioned that carpets of Turkmen masters, which are famous all over the world from old times, are subjects of everyone’s admiration until our days. In new historical age, this art is filled with new content organically combining centuries-old experience and modern technologies. The participants shared the results of their scientific studies on the history of origin of carpet patterns and development of this art in different countries.

Replica of ancient carpet, which was discovered in one of the hills at t Pazyrlyk Peak of Altay Mountains and dated approximately by the V A, has been demonstrated to the participants of the conference. This is what President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov writes about this masterpiece of Turkmen carpet artists in his book “Living Legend”, which was translated to many world languages.

“Thick wool shag canvas depicting deer, gryphons and horses was discovered during excavations of royal buried hill in the Mountain Altay in 1949. It preserved in an excellent condition due to permafrost – air and water entered the grave and in the result, the carpet was covered up in ice and avoid decaying”.

The Magtumguly Institute of Language, Literature and National Manuscripts of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan study the history of pazyrlyk carpet and its replica was presented by Turkmenhaly State Association.

The copy of legendary finding was weaved at Ashgabat Carpet Facility. The size of the carpet is 2,06 by 1.97 meters, total area is 4.06 square meters. Each square meter contains 385,000 notches and there are 1,563,100 thousand notches in total in the carpet.


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