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First in the country complex of temporary keeping of animals is ceremonially opened

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Complex for temporary keeping of animals has been built next to veterinary clinic in Anau. Serdar Berdimuhamedov, the Minister of Industry and Construction Development, took part in the opening ceremony as the Chairman of Türkmen alabaý itleri Association.

Going on business trip or on holidays, many animal lovers run into problem what to do with their pets while they are away. It is good when they have an opportunity to leave animal to friends or relatives who will provide proper care and attention to the pet. However, there is no such opportunity all the time. In this case, zoo hotels come to help to the owners of pets.

The complex or zoo hotel is the first similar facility in Turkmenistan, which was established on the government level. The complex is designated for keeping of home animals like dogs, cats, birds and other as well as for fish for which the hotel has special fish tank.

Serdar Berdimuhamedov started his tour around interior of the building with pet shop located right next to the entry and attracting with bright exotic birds. Breeding of decorative and singing birds is another specialization of the complex. In addition, the pet shop offers wide variety of accessories for pets, food and all what is necessary for keeping an animal.

Application of the client starts from initial veterinary examination as zoo hotel is designated only for absolutely healthy guests. After examination of the condition of animal by specialists and confirmation of its health condition, the animal is registered.

All wishes of the owner regarding outing, washing, brushing, feeding are recorded. It is also possible to subscribe animal for professional training by kennel specialist. All individual wishes and requirements including massage will be taken into account.

The hotel is divided into several sections, the first one is for birds (parrots, canaries, singing birds). This is specially equipped premise with cages for temporary keeping and breeding. Big enclosure is made for baby birds where they will be able to learn how to fly.

Kitchen for cooking and storage of food is located next to this premise. Storage racks are designated for dry food and special kitchen is made for cooking of steamed grain and other dishes of the birds’ menu.

It is followed by dog and cat zones. The kennel hotel is designated fro 32 rooms, which includes 20 big twin rooms and 12 smaller size. Twin rooms includes indoor and outdoor sections, in other words, the dog can exit to open air and lay under the sun without leaving the premise.

Each enclosure has wooden bed with waterproof tarpaulin mattress. If it is necessary it has a capability to feed animals without entering the room as all dogs are different by nature and can treat other people hostile until they get used to them.

Naturally, the enclosures comply with all necessary sanitary measures. Bog enclosure is able accommodate two dogs if they used to live together or a dog with puppies. Kennel specialist room is located nearby. Grooming services have been put into the project of construction of the complex. It has separate room where the dog can have hair cut and other procedures.

Washing room for dogs is located next to the beauty parlour. All rooms of the hotel are equipped with ventilation system, video surveillance cameras are placed in the corridors so the animals are monitored 24/7.

Big premise with 8 double-storey boxes is allocated for keeping of cats. The principle of accommodating of cats is different from the one for the dogs. The cages remain open and the main part of the territory is occupied by playground where cats can play, climb, run, relax on soft cushions or go to sleep to any enclosure.

In other words, each guest is where it wants to be and is not locked in the cage. This is some sort of kitty house of free, which helps cats to feel comfortable and not to miss its master, which means to feel good.

Personnel of the complex, which functions include tender attitude to the pets, care and feeding of animals, will also take care of the feeling of the guests. Cat section has its own kitchen where favourite food ordered by the owner of the animal can be cooked. Knowing he preferences of the favourite animal, the owner can bring the food if the cat stay for short period in the hotel. If animal stays for longer period, the facility feed it with its own food.

The back yard has comfortable outing ground for dogs, a mini park where they can run in the open. Training ground represented by obstacle track designated for training of animals is separated from it with fence.

It is almost identical to the one, which is used for training of service dogs. But owners of home pets also observe physical form and activity of their animals.

The track has special obstacles for dogs to learn how to jump over (1.5 m barrier, ring) to walk and run on it ( parallel bars, broken bridge, high bridge) and even to crawl on it. Such set of simulators is borrowed from military kennel specialists and best foreign pet hotels.

Dog sport competitions, which implies speed covering of obstacle track, the agility, can be held in this place. This sports based on good contact between a man and animal, quality and comprehensive training of dog. The main requirements is the ability and wish to follow commands of its owner.

Thus, developers of the project have analysed and taken into consideration the requirements of various services, which are offered by the complex, as well as the world practice. Therefore, having left their pets in reliable hands of specialists during their absence, the owners can be confident that their animals would like in new hotel.

Undoubtedly, the organizers took care not only of animals but also of making the best conditions for personnel, which has shower, recreation rooms for their convenience.

Choosing location of the pet hotel, sanitary and epidemiological requirements have been taken into account, according to which similar facilities have to be located 150 meters away from residential houses.

The objectives of the hotel include provision of safety and comfort of animal, prevention of possible runaway and receiving injuries during its stay, veterinary monitoring and medical assistance if necessary, organization on timely feeding, outing, compliance with sanitary and hygiene standards of breeding.


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