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Modern veterinary clinic opened in Ahal Velayat

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New veterinary clinics has been put into operation in Anau. Chairman of Türkmen alabaý itleri, Minister of Industry and Construction Production Serdar Berdimuhamedov took part in the opening ceremony of new clinic.

Veterinary clinic, which is located not far from Ashgabat and reports to the State Veterinary Service under the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Protection, presents entirely new word in provision of services to home pets. This modern treatment and diagnostic centre provided with advanced medical equipment designated for detection of animal diseases and professional treatment.

Familiarization with set up and functional characteristics of veterinary clinic has started from the foyer were reception is located. Due to support of Turkmen leader in realization of the project of opening of the first in the country high technology centre of such profile, it has no analogues in the region by the level of provision.

Precise medical complexes of the last generation from the leading world producers and all necessary appliances for effective and comfort work of personnel with animals are collected together under one roof for provision of qualified medical aid of different range.

New facility also provides services for preventive vaccination of animals, which is an important term of provision of epizootic wealth. That is why division for reception of patients starts at the main entrance to two-floor building in order for sick and healthy animals, which were brought for vaccination, do not interfere. Such detailed approach of the centre is typical for each department.

There is big cart for transportation of big and heavy animals, for example adult alabay dogs, at the entrance. From this place, a patient, which gets into skilful and careful hands of specialists, is sent either to therapy department if the problem is obvious or to examination room where doctor decide on the future of the pet.

During familiarization with provision of new centre, Serdar Berdimuhamedov visited ECG and physio therapy rooms, which impress with the set of the most modern medical equipment.

Therapy department of the vet clinic has several rooms with the list of necessary services and relative equipment. Thus, endoscopy study room has the latest model of endoscope of German Hager, which was modified comparing with previous generation, new functions have been added.

ECG and ultrasound rooms have portable x-ray machine in addition to stationary machines for control of heart activity and ultrasound diagnostics, which allows doctors making necessary manipulations out of the clinic. This provision is improvised option of Italian equipment.

Physiotherapy room has all necessary instruments for doctor of this profile including endoscopes, pulsoximeters, otoscopes, laryngoscopes, electronic stimulators and treadmill for taking medical reading during physical activity of animals as well as for rehabilitation process and exercising of problem zones.

Therapy room with special furniture for veterinary examination has dental unit, scales and trolley for transportation of animals, infusion stall and place for dripping, equipment for diagnostic of eyes, ears, etc.

Walls of the corridor are decorated with displays giving clear image of muscle and skeleton built of pet animals, which would be good to know for the owners. There is a vet pharmacy for convenience of the clients where different medicine and other goods for pets can be bought.

If surgical and immediate care of animal is required, it is send to surgical department. This section starts from disinfection room. It has a washing machine for mechanical clean-up of doctors’ clothes, powerful autoclaves for disinfection of tools, dressing materials, medical gowns and other.

It is followed by the room for preliminary preparation of animal for operation, removal of hair from the place required for surgical interference. The animal is placed in special tub where it is thoroughly washed and dried.

Pre-surgical section has such details for full sterility that doctor would be able to open and close doors, or a tap without touching with hands just by pushing special lever with elbow.

Surgical department of the vet clinic has two operational rooms. Both have the best equipment including equipment for laparoscopic surgery. One of the rooms has better provisions for more complicated surgeries.

Serdar Berdimuhamedov has looked around this surgical room. It has artificial lung ventilation unit, apparatus for monitoring of indicators of animal state like pulse and breathing rates, temperature, level of oxygen in body. It is important for a surgeon to control all parameters during operation.

After the surgery, the animal is transferred to the room for post-surgical monitoring, which has special caves for the pets. After, a specialists keeps situation under control until the animal recovers after narcosis. If the owner wishes, longer by time care can be provided if the owner cannot make shots or dressings.

In addition, the clinic has x-ray room, which is located below therapy and surgery department. It is equipped with apparatus made in the Republic of Korea, which can work in two modes – analogue and digital. In the first case, the apparatus produces a fil, which with studied at x-ray viewing box while the second allows making details of picture with different resolution and printing it.

Osteosynthesis room is located on the same level, where the cast is put for fixation and splicing of bones and in complicated fractures, titanium braces, plates, pins and other implants for putting fragments of bones together are used. The equipment installed in the room significantly helps to make these procedures with better efficiency.

Analytical core of any clinic – laboratory, is located further. Specific of microbiological works requires strict compliance with special rules. One of them says that laboratory has to be isolated from reception and other departments. Prior to enter the lab, specialists go through sterilizing room provided with two autoclaves for disinfection of items and special washing sink.

The laboratory has rooms for storage of spare agents, ware, equipment and other accessories, room for preparation, bottling, sterilization and storage of growth media. It has a Masterclave unit for automatic preparation and sterilization of all types of growing media. Powerful magnetic mixer provides homogeneity of media. Microprocessor controller supports set temperature and parameters of the process are displayed on the monitor.

In addition, it has a unit for receiving ultra clean water, without which qualified work of laboratory is not possible. Quality of water preparation is provided by Milli-Q system, which is recognized in the world as a Sample of clean water. These units have been designed and are produced by engineers of French Merck Millipore. The system has control keyboard and display allowing monitoring all parameters of the process.

The entry to the lab goes through disinfection room. Automation process in this section is provided special dish washing machines Miele Professional of German make. Theu are designated for laboratory equipment, in other words with very sensitive and precise adjustment where not a single microbe can go through. It also has 40 litres autoclave made in Turkey.

The laboratory has a room for storage of agents, necessary laboratory equipment, control and consumable materials. It is followed with parasitology room equipped with laminar cabinet where sterile working environment is made. The unit is fully automated and equipped with sensors for recording of all indicators. Microoptix microscope made in Austria is used for reading of received results.

Another room has Siemens (Germany), Apacor (UK) and Selectra (USA) analyzers for study of various biological materials. Horiba (France) haematological analyser, which studies blood for many parameters, is presented in two options – fully automatic and semi-automatic, for uninterrupted work of the lab. The equipment includes a fridge, which support temperature of +2 - +8 degrees depending on the programme.

Unique light microscope EVOS XL Core is at disposal of specialists of the lab. This latest digital system of visualization is designated for application of cellular and tissue cultures. Its colour chamber and precise optics give very clear images. This is second microscope supplied to Turkmenistan, at the same time, there is very few of these units in the CIS.

The lab has bacteriology department. It is equipped with Vitek2 units, which diagnoses sensitivity of certain microorganisms to antibiotic. It helps doctors to make correct selection of antibiotics in certain cases.

The unit is provided with monitor, processor and printer. In other words, it is fully autonomous system allowing making number of analyses. The principle of monitoring microscope is that the image need to be studied not in small visor but on the screen scaling it and regulating resolution in settings.

Provision of the lab and all departments of the clinics, which is a unique sample of integration of social and spiritual sphere, science and business into sphere of veterinary medicine, proves the status of its advanced and innovative projects for the country and in the scale of Central Asia.

Special file with history is made up for every patient in the vet clinic, which allows doctor having full anamnesis and make correct diagnosis. All files are in electronic format. It has ambulance service providing doctor visit of patients at their places. At night, the reception is held in the clinic. It will have all day service of sick animals. Vaccination will be held in special room of the clinic.

Individual project taking into account the requirements of the world standards in this field has been developed for architectural design of the clinic. There is comfortable parking next to the entry to the building. The territory is fenced and has its own ground for dog training. There is different facilities and appliances for this.

Veterinary clinic is designated for dogs and cat at first. Simultaneous reception of 10 pets is possible in the clinic, conditions for inpatient treatment of 8 animals are available.

Personnel of the vet clinic is always ready to provide help to home birds and representative of exotic fauna. Agricultural animals are served at home place of the owner.

Veterinary doctors, who make up a team of the clinic, are high-class professionals who put noble principles of helping animals as their main goal. All specialists had qualification improvement training on work with the latest equipment on the base of training centre of the Ministry of Health Protection and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan.


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