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Turkmenistan to join number of multilateral documents in natural protection sphere

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During the session of the Government on March 26, Vice-premier, Foreign Minister Rashid Meredov made proposal on joining of our country to number of multilateral documents for development of the partnership with the United Nations Organization and its profile structures.

It includes Convention on protection of migrating animals (the Bonn Convention), which has entered into force in 1983, and Agreement on protection of Afro-Eurasian migrating wetland birds from 1999, which was developed under the patronage of the UN Environmental Programme as well as the Kigali Amendment of the Montreal Protocol on substances depleting ozone layer adopted in 2016.

In this regard, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that matters of environment protection and provision of ecological safety are directly related to the achievements of the global Sustainable development goals. Taking an active position in development of balanced solutions, our country proposes specific initiatives aimed at expansion of fruitful regional and international cooperation in this important spheres including in the UN format and the format of its specialized structures.

At present, Turkmenistan is a member of 20 multilateral international documents in the above-mentioned sphere. It was highlighted that ecological aspect is an integral part of the state policy of Turkmenistan, which pays special attention to careful treatment of natures and rational use of its reserves, wide implementation of advanced green technologies and resource saving technologies.

Realization of all large-scale national reforming programmes in economic sector and social sphere is closely related to ecological factor. Existing regulatory and legal framework is steadily improved for these purposes. Taking into account the obligations following from important UN documents adopted in the last few years, National Strategy for climate change has been approved last year.

Speaking of it, the Head of the state approved proposal on joining of the country to the above-mentioned multilateral documents, having requested the Vice-premier to continue working in this direction.


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