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Turkmenistan brings its citizens back home because of pandemic coronavirus

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Turkmenistan is continuing to work on bringing Turkmen citizens back home from abroad, first of all, from the countries, where pandemic coronavirus is detected. Among them are Turkmen students, getting education at the world leading universities.

“Türkmenhowaýollary” Agency organized a series of charter special flights to China, bringing thousands of Turkmen citizens back home. The costs of the flights were financed by the government of Turkmenistan. Our country was one of the first ones to evacuate its citizens from China, where new viral outbreak was detected in December 2019.

Virologists and other medical specialists on boards of “Türkmenhowaýollary” aircrafts monitored passengers, returning home, for the coronavirus symptoms.

Many young citizens of Turkmenistan were in various cities of China almost until the end of year of 2019. On the news of an increase in the number of dangerous infectious diseases in this country, caused by the new strain of the virus, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov ordered to evacuate Turkmen citizens from the PRC home.

“Türkmenhowaýollary” Agency arranged special flights to Turkey, Russia, Belarus and other countries to bring our compatriots home. Today, in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, foreign diplomatic institutions of our country, the State Migration Service, various directions of flights are planned.

Moreover, Turkmenistan has taken serious measures in order to prevent the importation of infection into the country, strengthen the sanitary and epidemiological surveillance and medical control at all border and customs points, equipped with thermal imagery devices, infrared and electronic thermometers, has taken comprehensive preventive measures and awareness-raising events.

As for students, who returned to Turkmenistan, they have the opportunity to remotely continue their studies at their universities, which switched to Internet platforms, introducing a video format of lectures and scientific and practical classes.


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