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Wisdom of national traditions: How practice of ancestors is applied in modern life

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Turkmen people has a tradition to hang a bunch of the wild rue grass tied with colourful ribbon of ‘alaja’ (a charm) above the gates and doors of their houses. According to national belief, this grass is thought to be a talisman, which brings luck. And not only the luck. It is thought to be the most popular medical plant in Turkmenistan and in entire Central Asia.

The wild rue is used in different national rituals. Burning of the grass and fuming with smoke was related to cleaning and prevention of different troubles and diseases.

Description of this plant, which is known in scientific world as Peganum harmala, its characteristics, biological features and growing conditions, methods of preparation and application, chemical composition are presented in details in the first volume of encyclopaedia of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov “Medical Plants of Turkmenistan”, which is published in many languages.

Modern science has proven the efficiency of ancient practice of fuming rooms with a smoke received from burning of leaves and stems of the wild rue. The facts confirm that fuming suppresses the growth of bacteria dangerous for people. The plant contains number of alkaloids – complex compositions, which are synthesized mainly in tissues of plants having extreme physiological activity making big effect on living organism.

The interesting fact is the wild rue is pictured in the decoration of the bowl for Olympic flare at the main arena of the Olympic village in Ashgabat. Stylized stems of this grass form up golden crown above giant head above the stadium. This is another evidence how Turkmen carefully treats its traditions taking the wisest and most useful from historical practice and bringing to modern day.

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