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The President of Turkmenistan holds session for prevention of viruses in Turkmenistan

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President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held working session with participation of Vice-premier, Chairman of Emergency Commission for Combating of Spread of Diseases P. Agamyradov and Minister of Health Protection and Medical Industry N. Amannepesov.

The Head of the State has listened to the reports on fulfilment of previous assignments related to the forecast of the World Health Organization on the threat of pandemic – the spread of severe pneumonia caused by new corona virus.

During working session, it was reported about integrated work for prevention of possible entry of this dangerous virus to our country as well as specific tasks for further measures in this direction have been given.

Vice-Premier, Chairman of the Emergency Commission for Combating of Spread of Diseases P. Agamyradov reported to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov that according to special Plan, targeted work for enforcement of preventive measures against infectious diseases is carried out in Turkmenistan. Relative structures have been established, regular analysis of the situation is carried out and necessary measures are implemented.

Relative control and quarantine of citizens coming from foreign countries is carried out for provision of safety. Exit of Turkmen citizens to the countries where outbreaks of the disease have been registered has been limited has been limited except for service needs.

24/7 duty shift is carried out in all international airports, in all sanitary and quarantine outposts of the state frontier zones, sea, road and railway routes, where medical inspection is conducted using modern specialized equipment.

Citizens coming from the countries where outbreak of this dangerous disease has been registered are under close monitoring of doctors. Quarantine in specialized medical facilities is provided with all necessary equipment and medicine.

Velayat, etrap and city medical facilities have enough disinfecting, antiseptic and treatment materials. National medical personnel are provided with personal protective equipment.

Family doctors carry out vaccination from acute respiratory diseases, explanatory preventive activities are held among students of schools and universities as well as among children attending kindergartens and their parents. Medical facilities organize thematical training and practical seminars.

Control of import of food production, consumer goods from foreign countries has been enforced according to the order of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

It is worth to mention that all this integrated work is carried out in Turkmenistan according to the recommendations and approval of the World Health Organization.

Further, Minister of Health Protection and Medical Industry N. Amannepesov made a report.

Preventive measures have been taken for fulfilment of assignments of the Head of the State. In this regard, Control centres of the Emergency Commission for Combating of Spread of Diseases has been opened. Work for control and analysis of measures implemented for non-admission of entry of the above-mentioned virus to our country is carried out according to the Working plan.

Relative control on all modes of transport, customs points is carried out. Measures for inspection of cargo, sanitary treatment of transport have been enforced at the customs points. Citizens arriving from foreign countries undergo thorough medical inspection. Epidemic control centres take samples for laboratory analysis.

The Centre of prevention of infectious diseases and Centre of Public Health and Nutrition are provided with agents for diagnostics of these diseases and consumables.

Preventive vaccination against seasonal acute respiratory diseases is continued. Daily reports on epidemiological situation in the regions and country are made up. Information of the World Health Organization is regularly studied. Mass media publishes preventive recommendations; family doctors carry out explanatory work among the population.

The Minister reported that dangerous disease caused by coronavirus has not been registered in our country.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that according to the information of the WHO, which forecasts the risk of pandemics, it is necessary to be ready for escalation of any situations in order to put a reliable barrier against dangerous infection and to protect health of our fellow citizens. Therefore, the Head of the State highlighted, it is necessary to implement proper systematic control for improvement of preventive measures.

It is necessary to continue holding sessions of the Emergency Commission for Combating of Spread of Diseases, where all received information has to be thoroughly analysed, possible appearance of infectious diseases and measures of prompt response in case it is necessary have to be considered.

It is necessary to provide control on visits of Turkmenistan citizens going to foreign countries on tourist, cultural, sport and other purposes. It is also necessary to continue thorough medical inspection of citizens coming on similar purposes to our country, the Head of the State pointed out.

It is necessary to continue carry out strengthened control of the health conditions of the citizens at all border crossing outposts of Turkmenistan, to provide coordinated activity of all services in this direction and comprehensive work of diagnostic equipment in control points for prevention of infectious diseases.

Further, the President highlighted that it is necessary to continue strict monitoring of the stock of disinfectants and medical consumables, to pay special attention to relative daily activities at border crossing points in international airport, sea, river, road and railway transport.

Speaking of this, the President of Turkmenistan has also noted importance of wide explanatory work among the population for prevention of infectious diseases.

Continuing the subject, the Head of the State has focused on exclusive responsible and comprehensive approach to solution of objectives for non-admission of the abovementioned virus in the country.

Summing up the session and having noted that care of health and prosperity of the nation is the main priority of the state policy, the President highlighted that due to large-scale work, timely measures and precise coordination of involved services, not a single case of dangerous contamination of dangerous coronavirus or suspect of virus have been registered in Turkmenistan.

Having requested to hold under permanent control the reviewed subjects and to provide high organizational level of all preventive measures, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov wished success in fulfilment of set objectives to the participants of the session.


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