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Export potential of the electrical energy industry of Turkmenistan grows

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The Ministry of Energy of Turkmenistan and TAPP-500 Power Transmission Line FZE, a subsidiary enterprise of Çalik Holding A.Ş. (the Turkish Republic) signed the Agreement on cooperation in implementing the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan power transmission line project.

This meeting was organized with the aim to develop a legal framework for a mutual partnership on the construction of a 220 kW power line. The issues related to the laying of a transnational energy highway directly through our country to the Turkmen-Afghan border in the direction of the Mary Hydroelectric Power Station - the city of Herat of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan were agreed.

In addition to energy supply to all infrastructure facilities of this highway, the future power transmission line will provide the opportunity to export electricity to Pakistan and other countries of South Asia in transit through Afghanistan. The TAP fiber-optic line will also go along the same route, which, along with the development of the information and communication network between the three countries, will help strengthening integration processes in this part of the Asian region.

The construction of the TAP will give a powerful impetus to the economic development of the region, will contribute to resolving the issues of a social and humanitarian nature, strengthening peace and stability. In particular, it will be possible to increase the level of employment of the population in connection with the emergence of new jobs, to create the appropriate electricity, transport, communication and social infrastructure.

According to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the number of states and companies that are interested in electric power cooperation with our state, which has established itself as a reliable partner, is growing steadily. In particular, our southern and southeastern neighboring countries are very interested in the supply of Turkmen electricity.

The interaction between Turkmenistan and Afghanistan in the energy sector is also gaining wider scope. For many years, the Afghan people have been using Turkmen electricity mainly on favorable terms. In order to increase its exports to the fraternal state, new stations are built, and power lines are laid.

Speaking at sessions of the UN General Assembly, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov emphasizes that the involvement of Afghanistan in the implementation of major energy, transport and communication projects as a full-fledged partner is a key factor in ensuring security and sustainable development in Central Asia.

Signing of the current Agreement in order to increase the supply of Turkmen electricity to foreign countries, as well as the successful implementation of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan transmission line project, will be the beginning of the next stage of large-scale work in the name of good neighborly relations, peaceful development, mutually beneficial and equal cooperation.


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