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Regular issue of National Army Magazine published

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Regular issue of National Army Magazine (Milli goşun) of the Defence Ministry of Turkmenistan has been published. Social and political, military and historical, scientific and methodological magazine is aimed at patriotic education of youth, introduction of realization of military reform, which has exclusively defensive character, to wide public.

Officers and recruited military personnel as well as specialists studying the history of the art of war in Turkmenistan are among the authors of the articles.

The magazine is opened with the text of the Law of Turkmenistan on Institution of the Medal of Türkmen edermen, which was adopted in the end of the last year. This state award is to commemorate personal courage and dedication displayed by military and law enforcement personnel in protection of the state independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and constitutional order of independent and neutral Turkmenistan.

One of the articles of the magazine is dedicated to celebration of International Neutrality Day in the country, basic principles of cooperation of Turkmen state in the global space, its foreign political and economic activity.

Big article familiarizes readers with art and professional competitions among military personnel of the Armed Forces, which were held in the year under slogan “Turkmenistan – Home of Prosperity”. the article described the stages and summed up the results of such contest as the Best Officer Mentor, the Best Military Orchestra, the Best Military Phycologist and other competitions.

The article about work for digitization of the Armed Forces of the country was presented to the attention of readers. Specialized digital educational portal, which unites the Military Institute, NAVY Institute and specialized military training schools of the Ministry of Defence of Turkmenistan, is under development by initiative of the Head of the State. Different technologies of added and virtual reality are introduced into the process of combat training of military personnel.

The article dedicated to the paratroopers’ training paratroopers, which was explained to the author by one of experienced military instructors in the interview, is of a great interest. The magazine is continued with an article about improvement of the programmes of training of personnel of the tank forces. It is highlighted in the article that increased capabilities of the latest digital equipment are taken into consideration during development of these programmes. Having received theoretical knowledge, tankmen of the Armed Forces of the country start training at special 3D simulation complexes.

New magazine has published an article about autumn recruitment campaign 2019. The article speaks in details about procedures of military recruitment and retirement, describes first days of young personnel in National Army and military oath ceremony.

The central pages of the publication are adorned with small interviews with retiring military personnel, who share their experience that they have gained during service and their future plans.

The articles also speak of the history of our nation, discoveries and inventions of ancient Turkmen scientists. The magazine has also a scientific article about special features of Turkmen sword.

High-quality pictures and infographics are distinguishing features of the magazine. National Army Magazine is published in Turkmen language quarterly and is designated to wide reading audience.


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