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Turkmenistan citizens welcome 2020 New Year with bright events

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New Year 2020 has entered brightly into the life of the country, having presented a cascade of emotions, which celebration marathon is still going on, to Turkmenistan citizens, especially to children.

Our capital, dressed in shining outfit of New Year illumination, which covered streets, parks and squares with lace of millions of lights, is a striking beautiful these days.

As usual, the square in front of Älem Cultural and Entertainment Centre with the main New Year tree of the country was a centre of the main New Year celebrations.

Due to the efforts of decorators and designers, the square in front of Älem Cultural and Entertainment Centre has been turned into wonderful winter garden where the snowfall and snowbanks were replaced with neon decorations and huge electrical snowflakes. Arches and tunnels covered with bright tinsels played the role of the alleys while the characters of fairy tales and talismans of the year composed celebration retinue at the main New Year tree of the country, which was decorated with bright balloons.

Music show with participation of popular soloists, recognize masters and young celebrities who pleased the public with artistic dedications to New Year, was expanded at the stage built on the square. Rhythmic vocal and choreographic compositions, lyrical and stirring songs have been presented.

Performance of singers were accompanied by famous dance groups. The concert have lasted for two hours and was finished by «Hoş geldiň Täze ýyl» song (Welcome, New Year!) performed by all artists under applause of the public.

On behalf of all countrymen, the masters of ceremony address New Year greetings to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. After, the masters of ceremonies announced on the beginning of traditional TV bridge, which connected Turkmen capital with administration centres of all velayats this night.

The baton of live connection allowed looking into different parts of the country and seeing how local residents, who in their turn joined the celebration in Ashgabat, having shared the joy of favourite holiday, celebrated on their side.

Bright New Year performances with participation of poplar singers and art bands of the velayats and numerous spectators have been also expanded at the squares of the main cities of the regions.

Ahal Velayat was the first to connect to the TV bridge. Congratulations and wishes expressed by verses were followed by celebration concert prepared by artists on this occasion.

After, Balkan Velayat has entered the live chat. Having conveyed congratulations to the compatriots from the residents of coastal region, its representatives have demonstrated their celebration programme.

It is followed by Dashoguz Velayat. The northern region is also rich with art and cultural traditions and talents, which have been demonstrated in celebration performance after congratulations and best wishes.

The TV bridge was continued by the greetings of the residents of Lebap, who congratulated the compatriots and the Leader of the Nation on New Year while artists of the eastern region presented song and dance composition.

The turn of Mary Velayat has come and again, good wishes, congratulations, poems and music, performance of artists and children were broadcasted in live mode from the monitor.

The capital of independent neutral Turkmenistan has finished the broadcast of New Year TV bridge. Residents of Ashgabat who filled entire square in front of Älem Cultrual and Entertainment Centre have wished success, prosperity and happiness to their compatriots in all cities and villages of the country. They were followed by celebration dedications of popular artists and dance groups.

Summing up New Year greetings of the residents of velayats and capital, masters of ceremonies outlined the main thing – the wishes of further prosperity of Turkmenistan, improvement of international authority of our country, peace and harmony for people.

The silence fell upon the square; all eyes were on the monitors where President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed his New Year speech to the people of Turkmenistan. The Head of the state congratulated on New year 2020, having wished the success in this year.

After few seconds, the arms of clock have joined on the dial. The State Anthem of Turkmenistan was played.

Bursts of celebration fireworks have sounded in the next moment. New Year night was lit up with different colour fountains of light, which pictured bright and firing mums in dark sky.

Song «Arzuw» (Dream), which lyrics was written by the Head of the State and music by his grandson Kerimguly Berdimuhamedov, was a big surprise for everybody after the bursts of fireworks faded away.

* * *

In New Year night, wonderful celebration embraced all cities and village, every remoted part of the country. Atmosphere of sincere joy and happiness reigned in parks and squares, on the squares and streets, outdoor and theatre stages, which were glimmering with neon lights of garlands and thematic compositions.

Bright theatre performances, stirring music concerts with participation of popular artists, circus groups and art bands were an excellent present for Turkmenistan citizens.


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