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Opening ceremony of new village of Rowaç tak place in Balkan Velayat

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At the request of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, Hyakim of Balkan Velayat Ya. Gylyjov took part in the events on occasion of the opening of new modern village Rowaç (Prosperity), which has been built in Serdar etrap.

This even is another milestone on the way of implementation National programme of improvement of social and living conditions of rural population until 2020 in new edition.

As is known, the programme includes the provision of big investments to the formation of modern social and economic infrastructure in the regions, which is to provide the most favourable conditions for life of Turkmen citizens.

New village, which has been built in different regions, are measurable result of large-scale changes. Current architectural and construction release has become a visual embodiment of state policy with comprehensive care of people’s wealth, the prosperity of every citizen and every family as the main priority,

Atmosphere of emotional raise reigns in the place since early morning. Flags, banners, colourful air balloons were everywhere, exhibitions of decorative and applied art were expanded. Performances of popular and folk singers and musicians, folklore collectives accompanied by stirring rhythms of Turkmen tunes were organized.

Heads of regional administration, deputies of the Mejlis, representatives of public organizations, numerous local residents, elders and youth took part in the event.

The solemn moment came and symbolical ribbon was cut. The participants of the event went to living houses, which were built in straight lines along wide streets. In total, 268 three and four-room comfortable cottages have been built in new village. Big Turkmen celebration, the colour to which were added by bright stage plays, has been expanded in new estate.

The guests were welcomed with bread and salt by new tenants, who invited the guests to their houses, during construction of which special features of rural way of life and traditional living style of Turkmen family have been take into consideration. New houses have plot of land for household needs and garden, place for domestic animals, shade.

In other words, all conditions for living including terraces, spacious comfortable rooms, equipped kitchens as well as garages and necessary engineering and technical communications have bene made.

Provision of Turkmen citizens with comfortable living is one of priority objectives of the Programme of social and economic development of the country in 2019 – 2025. The scale of living construction in cities, etraps and rural areas is growing. Today, every rural citizen is able to build a house on beneficial terms of mortgage and equity construction.

The Health facility, which was built in new village, is provided with specialized equipment, which gives an opportunity to render wide range of medical services to the population.

Excellent kindergarten for 160 children has become a good present to young residents of the village. It has all conditions for harmonic development and interesting time of kids. the building accommodates spacious well-lit rooms including comfortable bedrooms, study rooms, music hall and gym.

Surrounding territory is developed and has playgrounds. The kindergarten also has equipped medical cabinet. It has number of other necessary facilities including kitchen and laundry, which are equipped with necessary hardware. Successful operation of the kindergarten is provided with autonomous systems of electricity, water and heating supply.

Excellent school for 320 students, which has opened its doors for students, is a pride of rural residents. Schools classes, which are designated for initial school and study of different disciplines like mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry and other, are provided with interactive and other specialized equipment and thematically visual learning aids.

In addition, excellent gym and sport ground for different sport exercises are at disposal of children.

Besides, an excellent Cultural Club with all conditions and capabilities for development of art, involvement of the population including the youth to the world of art has been bult for the tenants of new village.

The building has an auditorium and spacious rooms for different events, reading books and newspapers, vocal and choreographic exercises, different interest sections.

The shopping centre offers variety of goods to the customers. These are various dairy, bakery, pastry, confectionary products, cereals, fruits and vegetables, juices and soft drinks. Big variety of children food is available for the youngest is remarkable, the majority of production is of own make.

Public Service Centre with different workshop outlets does not yield to its urban analogues. In addition, the village has a building of village administration and a post office with telephone station for 360 subscribers, grocery store, 35 KW power station, water purifying installation for 1,000 cubic meter per day. The village also has a mosque.

In other word, it has all conditions for comfortable life of people taking into account such important aspects as education, health protection, working occupancy, cultural leisure, access to modern communication and other services.

Local departments of Balkangurluşyk Production Association were the general contractors for construction of the above-mentioned facilities. Balkannebitgazgurluşyk Trust and provate construction companies Bagtyýar ýaşlar and Sarydaş have also taken part in the construction of these important social projects.

It is remarkable that this year, the construction of administration centre of Ahal Velayat - new city, which is rapidly built in Gyoktepe etrap, and new model of social and production complex in the region of Altyn Asyr Turkmen Lake has been launched with participation of the Head of the State this year.

Construction of modern settlements has been started in Charjew, Sayat, Khalach and Kery etraps, Lebap Velayat as well as in Turkmenkala, Sakarchaga and Vekilbazar etraps, Mary Velayat. Large complex of residential buildings and social facilities will be built in S. A. Niyazov etrap, Dashoguz Velayat.

All of new villages are examples in the modern development of life in rural area, keeping up with time and according to urban standards of comfort and service. Therefore, unique by its scale work, which expanded all over the country and has a wealth of people as a priority, has received its continuation.

In general, all of these indicates the achievements in different spheres of the government and public life, which turned out in improvement of the wellbeing of people living in remoted areas of the country.


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