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Next issues of Construction and Architecture of Turkmenistan Magazine is published

опубликованно 23.12.2019 // 244 - просмотров

Regular issues of Construction and Architecture of Turkmenistan Magazine presents review and analytical materials on current subjects profile theme to readers.

The issues reflected one of important events of the year – the ceremonial opening of unique innovative facility for production of gasoline from natural gas in Ahal Velayat.

The Exhibition section publishes material about international review Türkmengurluşyk 2019 and Conference on Development of Construction Industry of Turkmenistan.

The author notes that demonstration of success in construction sphere, modern technologies, perspective projects as well as exchange of practice, establishment of new business contacts between Turkmen and foreign specialists.

The same section has an article about the first architectural exhibition “Exchange on construction culture between Germany and Turkmenistan in the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus.

This subject was continued in the article of German architect Philipp Moiser, which was dedicated to architectural styles of Turkmenistan. The reader will find detailed information about them on the pages of the magazine while photos give visual imagination of design features.

The Science section has an article “Interrelation of hydrogeological and seismic conditions during construction”, which analyses the dependence of the level of intensiveness of seismic effect from geological and tectonic structure features, engineering and geological conditions, activity of anthropogenic processes as well as level of underground waters.

The Art section presents an article dedicated to the creation of artistic architectural form. The article is illustrated with design projects of public building and constructions developed by Turkmen architects.

In general, publications of the magazine, which is published in Turkmen, Russian and English languages, will be interest both to wide reading audience as well as to specialists of construction sphere, social and art scientists.


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