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Turkmen carpet art in the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List

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National Turkmen Carpet Museum hosted ceremonial conference dedicated to the inclusion of traditions of Turkmen carpet art to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Representatives of the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Textile Industry, Türkmenhaly Production Association, art masters, poets, scientists and journalists, famous carpet makers took part in celebration event.

Popular singers and art collectives, who performed thematic song and dance compositions, have brought bright colours to the atmosphere of event.

Undoubtedly, the recognition of traditions of Turkmen carpet art as a part of great cultural heritage of the world by the experts would support to the promotion of this national brand abroad and its large-scale popularization.

In this case, it is necessary to highlight that this was the Head of the State who proposed to initiate the process of nomination on inclusion of many objects and occurrences of tangible and intangible cultural of Turkmen nation, which created such masterpieces as carpets, ahalteke horse, alabay for thousands years of its history, to the UNESCO List.

It is hard to say something new today about this wonderful national art, which seems to be comprehensively studied by historians, ethnographers and art scientists. Nevertheless, work of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov “Living Legend” published in 2011 as well as another bool of the Head of the State about Turkmen carpets “Divine Beauty” published in 2016 opened entirely new look at Turkmen carpet making as an art and richest layer of spiritual and tangible culture to foreign audience. Quotes from these books were cited at the conference in the museum.

It was mentioned that this research work about unique traditions of weaving, patterns and symbolism of Turkmen carpets, which was translated to many languages, increased number of connoisseurs of carpets and talents of our masters abroad. “Living Legend” has always raised keen interest of the public at international exhibitions where out country represented its culture.

Having made a long way of evolution and being artistic reflection of spiritual originality of the nations with its great and rich historical and cultural heritage, carpet patterns became one of national consolidating symbols of modern Turkmen state. They decorate the state Flag of the country and are the main element of architectural decoration.

Introducing a carpet as a phenomenon, the Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov reveals the sources of art, which were enshrined in it, its bright ‘lexicology’, which runs across entire national culture.

Numerous beautiful pictures in the book allow finishing visual journey on magic flying carpet through time and space… This journey allows reader visiting hot Karakums and blooming spring meadows, shady gorges of kopetdag foothills, Amudary River valley, coast of Hazar and other wonderful places of our land.

All these landscapes are reflected in the patterns of Turkmen carpets, you just need to have a better look and you would be able to hear a sound of waves, wisper of leavers in oases, melody of wind or quite song of sand dunes. This is a nature of our country, which formed up specific features of traditional Turkmen carpet pattern, where beauty of our country is reflected in all its variety and uniqueness.

Special attention in the book of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov is paid to the role of carpet in traditional life style of Turkmens, carpet making technique, decorative principles and methods, relations with different genres of art and literature.

Data of archaeological and ethnographic studies, interesting information from historical chronicles and written sources of the past centuries are cited, influence of Turkmen carpet on the world art is traced.

“Living legend” presents separately unique giant carpets and double-side carpets made by Turkmen masters. For example, Altyn Asur carpet, which is 301 sqaure meters and entered to the Guinness Record Book as the biggest handmade carpet in the world. each square meters of the carpet has 304,000 knots.

Therefore, the book presents wide review of Turkmen carpet art and at the same time, an original encyclopaedia of the carpet philosophy.

The second book of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov about carpets “Arşyň nepisligi” (Divine Beauty), which became a continuation of the thoughts about the place and importance of carpet art in social and cultural life of turkmen nation, has been published in 2016.

The author makes reader come to conclusion that national heritage is the best base for beautiful future of the country in the age of development of technologies and improvement of science.


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