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Turkmenistan to produce TVs with built-in IP receivers

опубликованно 13.12.2019 // 166 - просмотров

Türkmensenagat Agency of the Ministry of Industry and Communication works on development of electronic production on innovative base in the country. Measures for opening facilities, which are specialized in production of various electronic equipment and goods oriented to local consumers, as well as relative small joint ventures are taken.

Aýdyň gijeler Business Entity, which is a joint venture of Türkmensenagat Agency, plans to arrange production of smart TVs with 32, 42 and 55” displays. They will be equipped with built-in IP-receivers based on software developed by the Centre of Young Scientists of the Institute of Telecommunication and Information Technology. For provision of high quality of this production, number of specialists of Aýdyň gijeler Business Entity had special training abroad.


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