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Industrial and agricultural facilities are opened in the regions of the country

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New workshop for production of 40,000 tons of iodized table salt and 2,500 tons of granulated technical salt per year was opened at Guwlyduz Plant of the State Concern Türkmenhimiýa on the threshold of International Neutrality Day.

The Duz Lake serves as material base for the plant. Located on Caspian coast 40 km north of Turkmenbashy, it is the biggest natural deposit of salt in Turkmenistan.

The production is eco-friendly and waster-free as granulated technical salt, which is widely used in oil and gas, textile and other industries as well as in municipal service is made of salt dust, which remains after production of high quality iodized table salt.

New workshop is provided with powerful equipment from EKOLSOLT. Produced in Düz kölünden production pit, the salt undergoes several processing stages, rinsed with water and dried. Ready-made production is packed in1 or 2 kg plastic buckets for sale to the population as well as to paper sacks. Its quality is checked in special laboaratory.

Hothouse complex has been put into operation iin J. Hydaybergenov gengeshlyk, S. A. Niyzov etrap, Dashoguz Velayat. The facility was built on 12 hectares of land that have been allocated to Altyn Tug Indiviudaly Entity of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. 11 hectares of this land are allocated for cultivation of vegetable crops.

Several varieties of tomatoes, which are distinguished with good taste and high productivity, are cultivated on the main part of developed land. The production of hothouse farms also includes three varieties of strawberry, red and yellow bell pepper.

New complex is provided with specialized equipment for automatic support of optimum conditions for growing of crops. The complex, where 150 new work places have been opened, would provide 2,000 tons of eco-friendly tomatoes and 100 tons of strawberry.

Dairy plant has also been put into operation in Babadayhan Farming Association in Murgab oasis, Mary etrap.

New Rowaçly çeşme facility has been built on bank loan and own resources. New facility, which occupies 2 hectares, is provided with modern equipment. It will produce 1,500 tons of various dairy production like yoghurts, sour cream, milk and other types, around 20 types altogether.


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