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Turkmen-Polish Business Forum

опубликованно 18.03.2015 // 1111 - просмотров

Last week, the Turkmen capital hosted the Turkmen-Polish Business Forum, participated by executives and representatives of a number of government institutions, sectoral ministries and departments of Turkmenistan and the Republic of Poland.

Among the guests were representatives of numerous business circles of the friendly country, heads and leading specialists of well-known firms, specializing in the fuel-energy complex, transport-communications sphere, construction, agro-industrial complex, textile industry and medicine.

In their reports, representatives of the Turkmen side closely familiarized the guests with key aspects of the state development strategy of Turkmenistan, as well as the large-scale reform-oriented programs initiated by the leader of nation, which were visibly demonstrated by a video film about our country’s economic development.

Cooperation in the transport and communications sphere received much attention at the forum, given Turkmenistan’s favorable geographical location and realization of large-scale projects in the railway, motor and marine transport sectors, construction of bridges, which enable to significantly shorten the distance from Europe to the Persian Gulf ports.

The forum attendees also considered the issues of the bilateral interaction advancement in tourism with a glance to the large-scale “Avaza” National Tourist Zone project ongoing on the ecologically-clean Caspian Sea coast.


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