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Annual Art and Architecture of Turkmenistan Magazine is published

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Cultural heritage provides unbreakable ties of generations, spiritual development of the nation, serves as a guarantee of historical memory. Great attention is paid to study and protection of the monuments of spiritual and tangible culture of the nation on the Government level in Turkmenistan.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov approved special Government programme 2018 – 2021 on December 15, 2017, which is aimed at scientific and research, including archaeological excavations of the monument of Turkmenistan located along the Silk Road.

First results of certain researches of Turkmen scientists under the above-mentioned Programme are published in the fifth issues of annual Art and Architecture of Turkmenistan magazine, which continue the series of scientific articles of National Department for Protection, Study and Restoration of Historical and Cultural Monuments as well as the State Art Academy of Turkmenistan.

Local specialists and their foreign colleagues, which discoveries present interest not only for scientists and students of profile universities but also for all who is interested in formation and development of tangible and spiritual culture of Turkmenistan and Central Asia are among the author of new collection.

Annual publication present bright section of Visual Art. In particular, the article of A. Nuvvayev reviews picturesque canvas of Turkmen artists painted on sport theme.describing these works, the author analyses individual style of each master, his manner of art interpretation of sport theme.

N. Yagshimuradov reviews the art of Turkmenistan of the Bronze Age as well as magic beliefs, legends and symbols of that historical period.

In their article, art scientists O. Muhatova and A. Geldiyev present brief analysis of metal embossing by famous Turkmen sculptors Juma Jumadurdy, Momma Seytmuradov, Babasary Annamurdova, Amanmuhammed Hydyrov and Aman Meredov. Compositions of their embossing works are distinguished by original artistic solutions and high quality of professional work.

Architectural heritage section includes analytical articles and information about restoration works of certain historical monuments. Restoration architect M. Amanov describes the decoration of the northern minaret at Mashat – Misrian settlement in Ancient Dehsitan on the territory of Balkan Velayat. The author suggest reconstruction of decoration made using by special software.

Archaeological M. Jumanazarov dedicated his article to medieval caravansary of Kyone- Kala, which ruins are located along the Silk Road between Merv and Amul. Architectural historian M. Mamedov informs about ancient underground facility next of Parys – Depe settlement located in Ashgabat outskirt.

Architect M. Chariyev speaks about the restoration of stalactite ledge on façade of Najmeddin Kubra Mausoleum in Kunyaurgench. Historian D. Annayev and R. Jommiyev propose computer-based reconstruction of Jeytun settlement – the ancient monument of the first farmers, which has been discovered and revealed to scientific world by group of scientists led by Academic V. M. Masson.

In Archaeological Study Section, the reader will be able read the report on A. Babayev about excavations on the territory of medieval settlement of Abiverd and articles of B. Divankuliyeva about use archaeological data in ethnographic studies.

The author makes conclusion that it is necessary to rely on data of physical anthropology, geography, archaeology, history, linguistics and folklore for comprehensive study of certain ethnographic problem and achievement of impartial results.

Archaeologists E. Muradov publishes preliminary results of excavations at Dashrabat settlements (medieval Dandanakan) where specialists of New York Metropolitan Museum and Oxford University have started work together with Turkmen colleagues.

The article of Greek scientists G. Ikonomu and O. Papachristu reviews practice of researches of grinder block of the ‘temenos’ (sacred place) at the territory of the Southern Gonur in Ancient Margiana. Due to radiocarbon analysis, it was found out that this ‘temenos’ was in use in the period between 2,000 and 1,500 BC.

The section ends with publication of Russian Archaeologist N. Solovyeva dedicated to specialzed workshop of early neolith epoch in Yilgynlly settlement, Kaahka etrap, Ahal Velayat.

Cultural Researchers Section contains essays about the activity of passed away famous archaeologists who made big contribution to study of Turkmen ancient history – Doctor of Historical Sciences Hemra Yusupov and his French colleague, Professor Olivier Lecont.

Art and Architecture of Turkmenistan magazine, which is already famous among specialists, support the growth on interest in glorious Turkmen past, inexhaustible treasuries of its cultural heritage, to which Leader of the Nation Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov dedicated his scientific and art works.

Such interest of the world scientific society is another evidence of artistic genius of our nation. The publication reflects the diversity of activity of art scientists, architecture historians and archaeologists, who study ancient and modern culture of Turkmenistan.


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