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New facilities are opened in Kaahka etrap, Ahal velayat

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Opening of new facilities has taken place on the threshold of International Neutrality Day in Kaahka etrap, Ahal Velayat. Hyakim of Ahal Velayat S. Berdimuhamedov, representatives of velayat and etrap administrations, Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, construction personnel, elders and youth took part in the events.

Large-scale construction, which is carried out in all parts of Turkmenistan, is to support to dynamic development of the regions and further improvement of social and living conditions of the population.

This is brightly indicated by modern hothouse farm of Ýigit Business Entity, which was put into operation. It was built by specialists of Eziz doganlar Business Entity on the territory of Shukur Bakhshy Farming Association.

Total area of new facility is 20 hectares where high productive varieties of tomato like Juanita, Merlis, Tommimaro Mucho are planned to be cultivated. Modern computer systems provide optimum fertilization, aeration and microclimate.

Special lamps were installed for balance of the sunlight in winter season. Bees are planned to be used for pollination, which is very important from improvement of productivity point of view and hence, for profitability of hothouse farming.

Location of sectors allows reducing time for transportation of tomatoes and load of products at the entrance to the hothouse.

Hundreds of work places have been opened after starting of operation of the hothouse complex. It also has a canteen, medical facility, recreation rooms and auxiliary facilities.

Concert of art masters and exhibition of achievements of private agricultural producers and various equipment have been organized during events. Video about new hothouse has been demonstrated.

A hospital, which has been built and put into operation by specialists of Dost gurluşyk, söwda önümçilik Business Entity according to the work order of the Hyakimlik of Ahal velayat, is among new facilities. Surgery, intensive care, therapy, child, consultative and diagnostic departments have been accommodated in the building of medical facilities. It also has x-ray, dentist, physiotherapy and massage rooms. Two conference halls have been accommodated in administration section.

The complex has car parking, canteen and other auxiliary facilities. Modern building materials, which are distinguished by high operational characteristics and eco-friendliness, have been used in construction.

High level of equipment, technical and technological provision as well as qualification of personnel of the hospital provide conditions for quality service of patients, expansion of range of medical services.

For the last several years, private local construction companies have reconstructed number of social facilities like kindergartens and schools, put into operation medical complex for prevention of diseases, perinatal centre and clinic in Kaahka etrap according to work order of the Administration of Ahal Velayat.

Issue of water supply is also being solved. For example, Dew General Trading from UAE and local Galkan Business Entity have completed the project of construction of 15-km water line Hivaabat – Kaahka, which delivers 14,000 cubic meters of water per day from Laiysuw river to local water supply system. Water is supply for agricultural needs, local consumption and drinking.

‘Green’ technologies, which are aimed at saving of resources, rational use of which takes an important place in the policy of the Head of Turkmen State who placed natural protection activity at priority level of national development, have been used during construction of the facility.

Architectural releases on the threshold of the holidays are bright evidence of successful implementation of National programme of improvement of social and living conditions of rural population until 2020.


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