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President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov gave start-up to the tree-planting campaign

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Turkmenistan welcomed Novruz Holiday with big colorful celebrations. The festival is the embodiment of nature’s bounty during its renewal and bloom, adherence to spiritual traditions and values, one of which is concern for the native land.

A countrywide yovar with participation of President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov serves as an eloquent example. The nation’s leader gave start-up to another large-scale tree-planting campaign. Hundreds of thousands of coniferous, deciduous and fruit trees were planted that day.

On the early morning of March 21, numerous Ashgabat residents – participants of the countrywide yovar gathered in the south-western part of the capital, nearby the monumental “Bagt Köşgi” building.
The presidential automobile arrived at the venue, where the large-scale campaign would be launched. Its participants – members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan, leaders of Mejlis, heads of the ministries and agencies, military and law enforcement agencies, diplomatic missions accredited to our country, representatives of public organizations, labor collectives, youth – warmly welcomed the nation’s leader.

The head of state personally launched the campaign by planting the first tree. All participants of the noble event followed the example of the nation’s leader.

More than 281,000 people participated in the yovar, in the course of which over 265,000 trees were planted. In Ashgabat, some 34,000 people, who planted over 93,000 trees, took part in the event. In velayats, 247,500 people became participants in the tree-planting activity, planted some 172,000 trees and tended the other ones, planted earlier.

The massive campaign, a display of sincere filial affection to the Turkmen land was underway countrywide. During the yovar, the measures were also taken for tending the trees which had been planted earlier – about 1,134,000 trees.

After appraising the scope of tree-planting work, ongoing nearby the capital’s “Bagt Köşgi”, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov gave a number of assignments to Cabinet Deputy Chairman Sh. Durdylyev and Ashgabat city’s khyakim R. Nurmammedov on improvement of the city and its suburbs.
The head of state also had a conversation with heads of the diplomatic missions accredited to our country. Their participation in all big celebrations, social and political events as well as such mass campaigns as the yovar is a good tradition that contributes to a better understanding.

Having warmly parting with the yovar participants, the President of Turkmenistan left the venue.
Mass landscaping work was also organized in all velayats of the country.


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