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Session of Joint Turkmen – Uzbek Commission for cooperation is held in Ashgabat

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15th session of Joint Turkmen – Uzbek Commission for trade, economic, scientific, technical and cultural cooperation was held in Archabyl Hotel of the capital.

Turkmen side was chaired by Vice-premier Esenmurad Orazgeldiyev while Uzbek side by first Vice-premier Achylbay Ramatov.

Implementation of agreements and contracts signed by the outcomes of high-level Turkmen – Uzbek negotiations as well as during previous session of the Commission has been discussed at the meeting.

The sides outlined priority spheres of consolidation of interests. Agreement to continue work for increment of trade has been achieved in the context of the course toward activation of trade and economic cooperation.

Aspects of bilateral cooperation in transport and transit area including facilitation of customs procedures have been discussed. The sides have discussed the process of realization of the provisions of the Agreement on establishment of Uzbekistan – Turkmenistan – Iran - Oman international transport and transit corridor.

In addition, participants of the session outlined vectors of enhancement of cooperation in educational, scientific, sport and tourism spheres. The importance of participation of representatives of two countries in international conferences and exhibitions organized in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan has been highlighted.

Representatives of different ministries and profile departments of Turkmenistan together with partners from Uzbekistan outlined specific measures of development of bilateral partnership according to joint Protocol signed after completion of the session. In particular, the agreement on organization of Turkmen – Uzbek business council in the first half of 2020 has been reached between Trade and Industrial Chambers of Turkmenistan and the Republic of Uzbekistan for activation of business contacts and cooperation in entrepreneurship sphere.

The State Concern Türkmengaz and Uztrade Joint Stock venture have agreed on supply of ISUZU buses for oil and gas sphere of Turkmenistan. Uzbek side has informed Turkmen colleagues about capability to supply buses and other motor vehicle of Uzbek production to our country.

In their turn, representatives of Turkmen side informed Uzbek partners about capability to supply the production of the State Concern Türkmenhimiýa like carbamide, sulphuric acid, bischofite and other chemical production to their country.

During the session, special focus has been made of strategic importance of transport routes connecting two states, in particular motor and railway bridges across Amudarya River. Currency of realization of joint large-scale infrastructural projects has been highlighted.


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