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The President of Turkmenistan congratulates the compatriots on the Harvest Festival

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“The Harvest Festival, which is observed on the Government level, is a symbol of deep respect of work of our farmers”, - the congratulation message of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed to personnel of agricultural complex and to all Turkmen citizens says.

It is mentioned in the message that today, rich yields of wheat, cucurbitaceous, fruit and vegetable crops, cotton are produced in Turkmen land in the result of integrated changes and work of farmers.

The reforms in agricultural sphere, establishment of special land funds, from which the plots are given to long-term lease, make capabilities for rational use of land and water resources, attraction of representatives of entrepreneurship to agrarian section, increment of production volumes for saturation of local market and export.

The Government makes all conditions fir fruitful work of farmers. This is indicated by procurement of high-productive agricultural equipment, provision of farmers with mineral fertilizers, seeds, pest and disease control chemicals on beneficial price as well as by timely settlement of payments for delivered production.

In their turn, agricultural personnel respond to the care given by the Government with their work achievements and make deserving contribution to dynamic development of agrarian industry.

Provision of economic benefits for agricultural producers, deserved appreciation of their work indicate the respect paid to farmers in our country. The Government would continue making all necessary conditions for farmers and improvement of their life level and growth of their wealth, - the message highlights.

Finishing congratulation message on occasion of the Harvest festival, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov wished family happiness and great success in work to all agricultural workers and all compatriots.


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