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Rural Health House Opens Its Doors in Dashoguz Velayat

опубликованно 25.10.2019 // 285 - просмотров

Today, a new two-story building has opened its doors in the village of Pyakize, Gurbansoltan eje etrap, Dashoguz velayat as part of reconstruction efforts of the local Health House. The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of velayat and etrap administrations, public organizations, elders and young people.

Built by specialists of the Construction Division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, the two-story building houses a day patient department, offices of family doctors and other specialists, a radiology (X-Ray) and ultrasound department, therapy and treatment rooms, laboratories, a reception area, and a pharmacy.

Thanks to its technologically advanced equipment and facilities as well as qualified medical staff the rural hospital offers its patients a broader range of top quality medical services.

Modern durable, long-lasting and eco-friendly building materials were used during the construction. The hospital also boasts modernized utility systems, a newly-built boiler room, well-tended grounds and a new lighting system.

The best builders received valuable gifts during the opening ceremony.


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