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Turkmen Capital Discusses Prospects for Oil and Gas Sector’s Development

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The 24th International Exhibition and Conference entitled ‘Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan-2019’ have opened at the Exhibition Center of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Co-organized by Türkmennebit (Turkmenoil) State Concern and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan, the forum brought together scientists, experts, representatives of government departments and authoritative organizations, leading players in the world’s fuel-and-energy industry, and our country’s sector-specific institutions.

Among those attending the exhibition’s opening ceremony were government members, senior officials of the Mejlis, ministries and government agencies, public organizations, heads and personnel of the diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited to Turkmenistan, oil and gas specialists, foreign guests, and the mass media. A Welcoming Address by the head of state was read to the ceremony attendees, who were listening to it very attentively.

This year, the Chamber’s exhibition hall showcases display stands of 60-plus exhibitors – leading companies in the industry from the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Republic of Belarus, Great Britain, the Republic of Korea, the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Latvia, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, the Russian Federation, Singapore, the United States of America, the Republic of Turkey, and Japan among others.

The specialized exhibition features a broad spectrum of products and services in the fields of hydrocarbon exploration, production and transportation, deep drilling, pipeline modernization and construction, expansion of oil and gas processing facilities’ capacity, and well productivity enhancement. Particular emphasis is placed on building coastal infrastructure necessary to implement projects in the Caspian Sea.

The national economy’s oil-and-gas industry is represented by Türkmennebit and Türkmengaz State Concerns, 10-plus sectoral enterprises and 12 private entrepreneurs.

The conference, which started in the afternoon, focused on global trends in the development of energy markets and prospects for cooperation, oil and gas field development and production optimization driven by foreign investments, including offshore block development in the Caspian Sea (Turkmen sector).

The key areas of discussion at plenary meetings were Turkmenistan’s energy diplomacy, transnational pipeline projects, priorities of the gas chemical and oil refining sector, and deep processing of hydrocarbons.

Attended by more than 400 participants, including 280 foreign representatives, the conference provided an opportunity to hold a lively exchange of opinions on key trends in the development of oil and gas markets, as well as to present analytical materials and marketing research findings.

As part of the forum, senior officials of the fuel-and-energy sector’s departments will meet with potential partners to discuss prospective projects and to work out a strategy for cooperation.

‘Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan-2019’ will run until October 24.


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