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Macroeconomic indicators show stable growth of Turkmen economy

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By the outcomes of January – September 2019, the growth rate of the GDP is kept on high level of 6.3 percent. According to the results of analysis of the indicators of the ministries and profile departments, the volume of production has increased by 6.9 percent comparing for the same period on 2018.

The growth rate in non-governmental sector of the economy, which share is the structures of the GDP is 65.7 percent, has been provided by the results of nine months. Volume of retail trade increased by 19.1 percent comparing with the same time of the period of 2018 for the period under review.

Positive dynamics is observed in foreign trade, which is indicated by its growth by 2.8 percent. The volume of industrial production has been increased. Export volume has grown by 7.5 percent while the export was reduced by 5 percent.

Construction of production, social and cultural facilities is carried out at high rates in all regions of the country from the beginning of the year. According to macroeconomic indicators, volume of developed investments from all sources of financing has reached 27.3 billion manats.


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