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Meeting of the Central Committee for Conducting Elections and Referendums in Turkmenistan

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Last week, a regular meeting of the Central Committee for Elections and Referendums in Turkmenistan (for short - CEC) was held to consider the issues of preparations progress for the upcoming elections (on August 16) to Gengeshi (local government) and Mejlis in the electoral districts № 7 «Gunesh» and № 8 «Dostluk» of Ashgabat city. The meeting was attended by the CEC members and staffers, representatives of the CEC working groups, national observers, and mass media.

According to the national elections legislation, an important stage of the countrywide pre-election campaign has come to the end - nomination and registration of the nominees to Gengeshi and the National Parliament, in the two electoral districts. As was noted in the reports of velayats’ and Ashgabat city’s elections committees, as of today, for 6,041 mandates to Gengeshi 13,528 candidates were registered in the country, including: 2,017 mandates - in 973 electoral districts of Akhal velayat; 895- in 413 electoral districts of Balkan velayat; 3,324 - in 1,416 electoral districts of Dashoghuz velayat; 3,485- in 1,449 electoral districts of Lebap velayat; 3,807- in 1,790 electoral districts of Mary velayat. By 2 nominees were registered as the candidates for a seat of deputy of Mejlis in the electoral districts № 7 «Gunesh» and № 8 «Dostluk» of Ashgabat city. Information about nominees was released in the local press.

Among the applicants for Gengeshi and the National Parliament are the toilers of agriculture, representatives of education, science and culture, financial and economic sector, workers of health care and social security, different sectors of national economy: industry, construction, and communications. Many of them represent the political parties and social unions: Democratic Party – 2,939 candidates; Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Union Party – 525; Agrarian Party -1.248’ Trade Unions – 3,971; Youth Organization named after Magtymguly -1,105; Women’s Union -1,548; as well as civil groups -2,192 persons. Thus, real participation of all institutions of civil society is ensured in solving the most important issues of life of Turkmenistan’s citizens.

In their reports, representatives of velayats’ and Ashgabat city’s electoral committees placed special accent on high civil activity of population which was encouraged by the intensive organizational work carried out in the provinces. The fact that in all the electoral districts several persons were nominated for one seat fully meets the principles of alternativity of elections.

All candidates and their authorized representatives are ensured with equal rights in the canvassing phase of elections – making speeches at the countrywide pre-election meetings, sessions, and sittings, and in the mass media. Organization of such meetings was laid upon the political parties and organizations nominating their candidates, electoral committees jointly with the relevant local governance bodies, heads of enterprises, institutions, and other structures.

As was marked at the meeting, at present, along with main measures enlisted in the CEC election calendar plan, the electoral committees give necessary consultations to all citizens interested in the election-related issues, explaining them the advantages of the new electoral system which was introduced to realize the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov’s progressive policy aimed at further democratization of the modern Turkmen society, strengthening in the society the principles of true democracy.

Within the framework of meeting, overviews were presented by national observers of political parties, social unions and organizations which carry out monitoring of the pre-election campaign and ongoing activities. As was noted, all stages of the pre-election process take place in compliance with the national legislation.

Besides, in accordance with the Election Code, the decision was approved on organizing early vote (10 days prior to the official date of elections) for the absentees - the citizens of Turkmenistan who will be away from their local polling stations on Election Day.

The CEC meeting gave also consideration to other issues and made the appropriate decisions.


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