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Festivities at Mukam Palace and Ashgabat Sports Complex Stadium

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The Mukam Palace of the State Cultural Center has hosted a concert by performing artists to celebrate the 28th anniversary of the country’s independence.

A distinctive feature of the concert, at the core of which is the slogan ‘Turkmenistan – The Land of Prosperity’ chosen for 2019, is a rich variety of styles and new musical numbers reflecting considerable potential of Turkmen art.

Famous bands, opera stars, folk and pop singers, folk ensembles of the country demonstrated their musical prowess.

The artists delighted an appreciative and receptive audience with their talent and personal warmth. The use of modern audio visual technologies added extra charm and originality to the festive occasion.

At the end of the concert, folk ensembles from all the regions gave a joint performance representing symbolically the inextricable bond between the times and generations and filled with creative energy.

A fitting finale to the concert was a new song with music by Kerim Berdimuhamedov and lyrics by poetess, People’s Writer of Turkmenistan Amangozel Shagulyeva. Imbued with optimism and life-enhancing strength, the heartwarming song filled everyone with energy and exhilaration.

In the evening, celebrations in honor of Independence Day continued at the central stadium of the multi-purpose Ashgabat Sports Complex with a spectacular performance reflecting a vast panorama of Turkmenistan’s modern achievements.


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