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Residential buildings and sunflower oil and flour complex are put into operation in the capital

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Opening of two high-rise residential buildings in Mir 7/3 district as well as sunflower oil and flour facility is timed to the 28th anniversary of Independence of Turkmenistan.

Representatives of the capital’s administration, business community, public organizations, elders and numerous residents took part in the events.

Mir 7/3 residential complex is constructed at high rates. It is built on the territory of more than 30 hectares between of Yunus Emre, Altry Karliyev, Baba Annanov and 10 ýyl Abadançylyk streets in the southeast of the capital. More than 100 9 – storey buildings have been put into operation in this place. In addition to the buildigns, which are currently under construction, it is planned to build another 23 houses.

162 families received apartments with improved planning design in two buildings with 108 and 54 apartments each. High-quality building and decorative materials have been used during construction. Surrounding territory was developed and planted with trees. It has flower baskets, walking zones, children play and sport grounds, lighting towers.

Facility for production of sunflower oil and flour in Bagtiyarlyk etrap of Ashgabat was among the objects, which were put into operation. The factory has been built on the territory of 2 hectares by specialists of Gündogar akymy business entity.

Production output of the complex is 7,200 tons of sunflower oil and 20,000 tons of flour. The structure of new complex includes workshops, warehouses, laboratory, boiler facility and administration building.

New facility is equipped with automatic washing and filling lines, latest laboratory equipment, computer control system, fire protection and sanitary control systems. All conditions have been made for personnel.

The complex, which commissioning created dozens of new working places, would not only produce sunflower oil and high-quality flour but also would provide livestock and poultry farms with production wastes – nutritious oilcake and bans. In the future, entrepreneurs plan to take several hectares of land in long-term lease as a resource base.


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