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Session of the State Security Council of Turkmenistan

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On May 2, President of Turkmenistan, Supreme-Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the country, General of the Army Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov convened a regular session of the State Security Council to consider this year’s four-month outcomes of the work of military and law enforcement bodies, as well as a number of issues concerning further strengthening of peace and security in the country, upgrading the security agencies’ material-technical base, and some other issues.

First speaker, State Security Council Secretary, National Security Minister, Ya. Berdiev reported to the Supreme-Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the country on the implementation progress of the military reform, initiated by him and aimed to steadily strengthen and upgrade the National Army’s material and technical base, to train professional military cadres, to create favorable conditions for military personnel’s service and life, as well as members of their families. The report also included the information about the ongoing work of the Ministry’s employees on maintaining socio-political stability in the country.

Then, Commander of the State Border Service M. Yslamov informed about the measures taken during the running year’s four months to ensure inviolability of the State Borders on the basis of excellent performance of the responsible mission by the border troops – to protect the Motherland’s sacred borders and to be on guard of peace and public tranquility in the country. The report also covered the ongoing construction of buildings for the Service, in particular, modern frontier posts, including the “Syahralyk” frontier post of the Atamyrat border formation, and two multi-family residential buildings of the Hazar maritime boundary formation to be opened soon.

Next speaker, Minister of Defense B. Gundogdyev centered on the results of work carried out in the period under review, in particular, the fulfillment of the tasks assigned by the head of state on steady strengthening of the country’s Armed Forces, upgrading the military-technical base, and training highly-qualified national military cadres. The report included the information about successful holding of the planned military-tactical exercises “Watan gerçegi», in the course of which the military personnel of different types of troops of the country’s Armed Forces demonstrated their proficiency and combat training.

The January-April work of the Ministry and its structural departments, as well as the measures taken to maintain public order and prevent crimes in the country were in the center of the report made by Interior Minister of Turkmenistan I. Mulikov.

The Interior Minister also reported on the work done during the “Health and Happiness” Month in April, as well as the planned measures aimed to ensure road and fire safety, and to regulate road traffic in the country.

Then, Turkmenistan’s Prosecutor General A. Hallyev delivered a report on the four-month activity, the concrete steps taken by public prosecution agencies to exercise control over the strict observance of laws in the state and society.

The report of Chairman of the Supreme Court B. Charyev was an extensive coverage of the work done in January-April of the current year on improving the country’s judicial system in strict compliance with adopted world standards.

The activity of the institution he is in charge of, in the period under review, the concrete measures taken jointly with other law enforcement agencies, educational and healthcare institutions, public organizations in the framework of the work ongoing in our country on uncompromising combating the distribution and use of narcotic drugs were in the focus of the report made by the head of the State Service for Protecting Security of the Healthy Society of Turkmenistan A. Osmanov.

As reported, the work carried out in the period under consideration, resulted in preventing the attempts to distribute illicit drugs in the country. In the framework of the special action –“Goknar-2015”, systematic checks and operational search activities were carried out to prevent illegal cultivation of prohibited plants.

A. Osmanov also informed that various sporting events, agitation meetings, exhibitions, consultations for the people who had got rid of drug, tobacco and alcohol addiction to prevent recurrences were organized during the “Health and Happiness” Month.

Then, Chairman of the State Migration Service D. Bairamov reported on the state of affairs in the spheres he is in charge of, as well as on the measures taken since the beginning of this year to improve the personnel’s professional training and their work and living conditions. In that connection, a project design of a new residential house for the Service’s employees was submitted for consideration by the leader of nation.

The report of Chairman of the State Customs Service A. Hojamgulyev covered the work results for the accounting period, as well as the fulfillment of earlier commissions, including on improving the efficiency of the Service’s activity.

Turkmenistan’s Adalat Minister B. Muhamedov informed about the four-month work done on implementing the legislative reform, initiated by the nation’s leader and destined to strengthen and improve the national legislation.

Summing up the session outcomes, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the country’s Armed Forces, General of the Army Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov drew attention of the State Security Council members to the necessity of taking a complex approach to the implementation of the ongoing military and legislative reforms, aimed to steadily improve the security agencies’ activity. At the same time, the leader of nation made special emphasis on the importance of maintaining strict discipline among the military personnel, raising a professional level of the staff of military and law enforcement bodies, instilling them in the spirit of patriotism and deep-rooted loyalty to the people and sacred military duty.
As noted, in accordance with the policy of peace and Defensive Military Doctrine, the state would continue to systematically replenish the material and technical base of military and law-enforcement agencies, and create all conditions necessary for effective service and happy life of the military personnel and members of their families.

Recently, the “Watan gerçegi” military-tactical exercises with firing practice have been held in the “Kelyata” Training Centre with participation of the military personnel, who had distinguished themselves in combat training, the head of state continued. The aim of the exercises was to raise a level of military training and proficiency, increase the capacity of the National Army, which serves purely peaceful purposes.

Having noted with satisfaction that the tactical exercises demonstrated the servicemen’s high spirit and the army’s strength, and expressed gratitude for the high organizational level of the demonstration operations, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the country’s Armed Forces, General of the Army Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov instructed to award special prizes to the participants and nominate the best of them for higher military ranks, stressing that such exercises would be held regularly.
Some other issues were also considered at the State Security Council session, and the relevant resolutions were adopted.


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