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Cotton-picking campaign in Turkmenistan

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Cotton picking campaign started in Turkmenistan on September 11. An important agricultural campaign was launched in Ahal, Balkan, Lebap and Mary regios. Taking into account the soil and climatic conditions, Dashoguz velayat will launch the campaign on September 18.

This season, it is planned to produce 1.050 million tons of ‘white gold’, including 207,000 tons - in Ahal velayat, 5,000 tons - in Balkan velayat, 230,000 tons - in Dashoguz velayat, 295,000 tons - in Lebap velayat, and 313,000 tons - in Mary velayat. The total area to be sown with cotton is 550,000 hectares. Medium and fine fiber cotton varieties Yoloten-7, Dashoguz-120, Dashoguz-144, Serdar, S-4727, Yoloten-39, Jeyhun, S -2606, Yoloten-14 were sown in spring.

923 cotton harvesters, 2,000 trucks, 1,867 tractors and 3,877 trailers will be involved in the cotton picking campaign.

The necessary conditions for round-the-clock technical and service maintenance of the equipment, work and good rest for machine operators and other participants in the harvesting campaign have been created everywhere.

Cotton will be delivered to 157 harvesting points and 39 cotton ginning enterprises, where of the specialists of the “Turkmenstandartlary” State Service will thoroughly check the quality of cotton.


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