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Startup of enrollment in the higher and secondary vocational education schools of the country

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On July 11, acceptance of documents from the would-be students started in the country’s higher and secondary vocational educational institutions. This year’s total enrollment is over 15,000 of young people - an increase of 896 students compared with the year-earlier period due to introduction of eight new specialties in some institutions and creation of the two new secondary vocational schools.

“Economic cybernetics” specialty will appear in the Turkmen State Institute of Economy and Management; “Shipbuilding” and “Radio-electronic systems and complexes” – in the Turkmen State Institute of Transport and Communications; “Electric and thermal energy production technology” - in the State Energy Institute of Turkmenistan; “Chemical processing of glass and glass ceramics” - in the Turkmen State Institute of Architecture and Building; “Development of mineral deposits” - in the International University of Oil and Gas.

“Sanitary-and-Epidemiologic Service” specialty will appear at the military medicine faculty of the State Medical University of Turkmenistan, and “Opera art” department - at the Turkmen National Conservatory.

This year’s total enrollment is projected as 7,128 (an increase 267 students).
Another major trend of the country’s educational system development is secondary vocational training system. Thereupon, the leader of nation made a decision to create secondary professional schools at the Ministry of Communications of Turkmenistan and the Turkmen State Publishing Service, which will start in the new academic year. 150 students are planned to be admitted to 6 specialties of the polytechnic secondary professional school, and 45 entrants (3 specialties) – to the publishing-printing secondary vocational school.

Thus, 8,342 applicants are to be enrolled in the secondary professional schools of the country this year (an increase of 629 students compared with the year-earlier period). In addition, 30,000 more young men and girls will be trained at 77 primary vocational schools.

Along with admission to secondary and higher educational institutions of our country, as of July 14,enrollment of Turkmen youth in the higher education institutions and colleges of the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Tatarstan of the Russian Federation was announced. The talk is about the targeted training of the demand-driven high-qualified Turkmen personnel for the Garlyk ore-dressing and processing enterprise in Lebap velayat and the “Garabogazkarbamid” plant under construction in Garabogaz town of Balkan velayat, as well as for some other sectoral enterprises.

The specialties offered to our entrants by the Belarus State Technological and the Belarus National Technical Universities include: chemical processing of inorganic substances, materials and equipment; machinery and devices of chemical manufacturing and building materials enterprises; the development of mineral deposits (underground mining); mining machinery and equipment; technological processes and production automation; electric power systems and networks; metrology, standardization and certification.

Applications are accepted at the Turkmen Teachers’ Training Institute named after S.Seidi (Turkmenabat city) where entrance examinations for the applicants living in Lebap and Mary velayats will be held.

At the technical secondary vocational school of the State Concern “Turkmenchemistry” in Turkmenabat, the applications are accepted and entrance examinations are to be held eventually for the Turkmen young people residing in these velayats who wish to enter the Soligorsk State Mining-Chemical College of the Belarus Republic (specialties: development of mineral deposits (underground mining); mining machinery and equipment; and mineral dressing).

In Turkmenbashi city, on the basis of the water transport department (transportation faculty the Turkmen State Institute of transport and communications), the applications are accepted from the entrants living in Balkan, Mary and Lebap velayats to the Kazan National Research Technological University (specialties: chemical processing of inorganic substances; machines and devices of chemical manufacturing.

Within the framework of the enrollment campaign, at the Magtymguly Turkmen State University, selection was organized of the Turkmen youth for getting education in higher education institutions of Romania, which offer training in about twenty specialties, including: industrial and civil construction; architecture; medical business; sport medicine; gymnastics; logistics; economics; traffic control and navigation system; track facilities and railway building; international water law; grain storage and processing technology; production technology of bread, confectionery, pasta and food additives; and others.

This year’s enrollment campaign in the teaching, medical, cultural, financial and economic high and vocational schools will be held until July 27, in Ashgabat and in velayat centers; and the entrance examinations will be held from July 30 to August 22. Applications to the secondary vocational schools operated on a self-sustained basis will be accepted till August 19; and entrance examinations will be held from August 21 to August 26.


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