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Registration of nominees is in progress

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Less than a month is left for the designated date of the important socio-political action - election of members of Gengeshi and Mejlis deputies from some constituencies of Turkmenistan.

Nomination was held in the meetings and sessions of political parties, social organizations and unions, as well as civil groups. The nomination procedure was held with active participation of electors due to the intensive pre-election fieldwork with population which was organized by activists of social organizations and representatives of state institutions of all levels.

The fact, that in all the election districts, several applicants pretend for a mandate, would ensure wide alternativeness and transparency of elections. The openness and objectivity of election process will facilitate participation of national observers in it.

In accordance with national legislation, the contenders were provided with equal opportunities for meeting with electors, making speeches at the pre-election meetings, conferences, and mass media. All citizens and social organizations are provided with the right for free and all-round discussion of the nominees’ professional and personal qualities, as well as the right for canvassing in the meetings and mass media.

At present, local-level meetings with nominees and their authorized representatives with electors are being held. The contenders familiarize electors with their pre-election programs directed to successful advancement of the country on the path of reforms launched by the leader of nation Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov.


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