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Winter crops sowing starts in Turkmenistan

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Important agricultural campaign has started simultaneously in all velayats of the country. according to good national traditions, the beginning of the sowing was blessed by the elders. Having thrown the first seeds of winter crop to the land, the elders and their young assistants handed over symbolical baton to the farmers.

The fields under crops occupies 690,000 hectares of land, from which 1,400,000 tons of grain including 400,000 tons in Ahal Velayat, 345, 000 tons in Mary Velayat, 310,000 tons in Lebap Velayat, 265,000 tons in Dashoguz and 80,000 tons in Dashoguz Velayats have to be gathered.

Turkmen farmers has prepared to responsible campaign very thoroughly, having ploughed and fertilized agricultural fields for future yields of wheat on time. high-quality seeds of productive varieties of wheat like Sahrayi, Juvan, bitarap, Yoloten 1, Yoloten 3, Turkmen bashy 1, Gyzylshaglavuk 25, Miras, Akbash, Yubileynaya 100, Bat’ko and Vassa have been prepared for sowing.

Grain producers are fully provided with necessary agricultural equipment. The Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Protection informed TDH that 2,260 ploughing and cultivation CLAAS, John Deere, Case, Belarus 80N and Belarus 82.1 tractors as well as 1,740 seeders, other equipment and units would be used totally in this campaign in Turkmenistan.

Seminars with participation of representatives of velayat and etrap administrations, heads of farming associations, agronomists, machine operators, farmers and elders took place on occasion of the beginning of sowing campaign in Gyavers, Ak Bugdy etrap, Ahal Velayat, Turkmenistan, Bereket etrap, Balkan Velayat, Gok Chage, Gubadag etrap, Dashoguz Velayat, Watan, Charjew etrap, Lebap Velayat, Watan, Murgab etrap, Mary Velayat farming associations.

Issues of organized sowing campaign were discussed in details at the seminars. Exhibitions of production made by the facilities of agricultural complex of the country and latest agricultural equipment have been also expanded. On occasion of the beginning of sowing campaign, song and dance ensembles and folk collectives prepared concert programmes.


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