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Parade of architectural premieres in Avaza

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Late last week, three park-amusement complexes and a multilevel parking lot were at a time opened in the “Avaza” National Tourist Zone.

Building of a world-class resort at the ecologically clean Caspian Sea coast is not just an expansion of the hotel network - it is also a qualitatively new level of comfort, accommodations, services and quality-of-life improvements; it is a new, system approach to the recreation and hospitality sector as to a harmonious combination of unique natural factors and resources of the region with the modern tourism industry, active holidays and improvement of the people’s health; it is an embodiment of the Turkmen state’s concern for the citizens, attention to the people’s demands and needs.

Among the participants in the ceremonies were the representatives of the country’s governing institutions, some ministries and departments, including the customers of the projects, foreign companies - general contractors of those projects, khyakimliks of Balkan velayat and Turkmenbashi city, public organizations and mass media, as well as honorable elders and youth.

The architectural showcase started in the «Älemgoşar» («Rainbow») amusement park, which has many slot machines, a bowling alley, a hall of distorting mirrors, and other surprises and funs for the children and adults.

The new facility in a resort “pearls” of Turkmenistan was constructed by the Turkish Company «Şahin Inşaat» against the order of the Nature Protection Ministry.

Symmetrically divided the into theme zones with a large “gyol-flower” in the center, the over 10-hectares park is a true kingdom of various entertainments and funs built with the use of the best inventions of the world’s entertainment equipment producers. Within the park’s boundaries, there are over fifty buildings and play facilities, including more than fifteen informative, entertaining and extreme attractions, identified as: “Observation Tower”, “Animal World”, “Artificial ice”, “Motordrome”, “Labyrinth of horrors”, “Roller Coaster”, and others. Various merry-go-rounds and swings also have intriguing names too: “Boogie-Boogie”, “Flying saucers», “Whirlwind”, “Crazy Taxi”, “Flying snout-beetles”, “Pirate boat”, and so on.

In the park’s sea-overlooking part, there is a grandiose aquapark complex with water slides and an ancient ship with cannons, flags and other romantic accessories of the adventure films.
Opposite the water slides, there are a modern basketball grounds, an indoor soccer field and a tennis court where the athletes take part in the demonstration performances.

After getting-acquainted with the “Älemgoşar” park, the participants of presentations of new construction objects in Avaza arrived to the venue for inauguration of a multilevel 266-car parking lot built by the construction-and-mounting organization №3 of the Turkmenistan’s Ministry of Construction against the order of the Turkmenbashi city’s Avaza etrap khyakimlik. Participants in the ceremony were welcomed by songs and dances performed by the amateur arts folk collectives of the Turkmenbashi Refiney Complex and other creative ensembles of the Turkmen seaside region. After the modern parking lot’s opening ceremony, the parking places were taken by the glittering cars of various models.

The third newly-built recreation facility that opened its doors wide to the public was the city’s theme park «Deňizmerjeni» (“Sea pearl”) built against the order of the State Tourism Committee by the production unit of Turkmenistan’s Ministry of Construction. A new 5-hectare amusement and recreation center was built in compliance with the modern landscape architectural requirements in a picturesque place of “Avaza” National Tourist Zone, and consists of the two natural layers.

The front access arch at the sea coast opens the way to the colorful swings, merry-go-rounds, slides, Ferris wheels, playgrounds and other children’s attractions which are mounted on the upper layer. Leading from the front arch to the sea, the central alley turns into a wide stairway, running down to the beach. Downstairs, there are many children’s playgrounds, cozy cafes and pavilions. A restaurant-bar overlooking the sea with a summer cafe on its roof is available to the vacationers. In the «Deňizmerjeni» park’s two-storey cultural-entertaining center, young visitors are offered arcade machines and enthralling shows at a 9D-cinema with stereo-pictures and stereo- effects.

Local residents and visitors who come there for recreation may play billiards, popularity of which is rapidly growing due to the recognition of its status as one of sports and cultural leisure activities. Moreover, billiards was included in the program of the Asian Games-2017 to be held in Ashgabat.
All conditions have been created in the recreation zone «Deňizmerjeni» for comfort and health-improving activities. A ground for beach volleyball, a shop, buildings with shower cubicles and changing rooms, other service facilities are at the disposal of holiday makers.

The park’s main attraction is its historical and architectural theme zone decorated with very realistic, but, of course with small-size models of Turkmenistan’s well-known ancient monuments. One can see there a model of the legendary Sultan Sanjar’s mausoleum and other world-known masterpieces of Ancient Merv, as well as the Myane-baba mausoleum in Akhal velayat, the Kutlug-Timur minaret in Kounyaurgench, the Dayahatyn caravansary in Lebap, the Dehistan ancient settlement in Balkan, and the Dinosaurs Plateau in Koitendag and many others …

Not the least significant was opening of the «Jadylykenar» (“Magic coast”) amusement park of the State Marine and River Transport of Turkmenistan, laid out by the Turkmen Construction Firm «Çeper Gurluşyk».

According to the park-planning methods, more than 40 functional buildings, technical facilities, small architectural elements and engineering structures, including 28 amusement arcades were built in the area of about 10 hectares. Each of the facilities may be regarded as the work of state-of-the-art technology in the entertainment industry.

Along with various swings, merry-go-rounds, an autodrome, trampolines, planes, a railroad and other playgrounds for children and adults, there is a range of original amusement facilities in the park, which are uncommon even for large cities. These are: “Octopus”, “Aerostat”, “Funny jump”, “Falling from the height”, “A travel on a shark”, “Flying whales”, a “Pirate ship” , and other new entertainment novelties.
The strongest impression upon all participants in the ceremony was made by a “Dinosaurs jungle” zone, which was relevantly called by visitors the “Jurassic Park”. The life-size biped models of tyrannosaurs and four-footed stegosauruses, diplodocuses - the largest ever-existing on the Earth animals, and other huge reptiles were arranged throughout the breath-taking “jungles”. Next to the terrestrial giant animals, a large-toothed flying reptile – pterodactyl, sitting on a rock, has spread its flickering, as if alive, wings. Creatures that had lived on the Earth hundreds of millions years ago utter a threatening roar by means of the built-in electronics, frightening, and, at the same time, amusing the children and adults.

A broad alley leads to the «Jadyly kenar» amusement park’s cultural-entertaining center, along which there are ice-cream, sweets and beverages selling pavilions, built in the form of sailing vessels with tacking. The alley is lined with the delicate shadow arbors and summer cafe-bars under light exotic tents.

Incredible is the electronic equipment in the amusement arcade of the cultural-entertainment center «Jadyly kenar» which puts in motion a great number of fascinating games. An attractiveness of the white-marble building of the cultural-entertainment center is emphasized by the panoramic windows overlooking the entertainment facilities and the sea.

All neighborhoods of the amusement park’s structures are decorated with flower beds and green lawns, ornamental plants, delicate arbors and small architectural elements. Already during the first opening day, all the new play and sports grounds were packed with active children and youths. Many visitors came there with their families.


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