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The permeated-with-pride festivities in praise of the people’s Arkadag

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These days, the Mukam Palace of the State Culture Centre of Turkmenistan hosted a solemn action attended by the workers of culture and masters of art, representatives of social organizations, student youth, devoted to the grandiose transformations carried out under the leadership of our nation’s great Arkadag – the leader of nation Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov, who has changed our beloved country’s appeal beyond recognition.

As the meeting participants noted, marked with labour victories and creative achievements of the people, every day of our great country demonstrates to the entire world the success and far-sightedness of innovative strategy of President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov – the initiator and inspirer of radical changes and progressive reforms, which have brought Turkmenistan to new heights of development and prosperity in the epoch of power and happiness.

A festive concert of famous artists and creative groups of the country concluded the meeting the participants of which expressed their sincere gratitude to the national leader for his tireless care for the wellbeing of Turkmen people and wished the head of state the best of health, long life, and new success in his important activity for the benefit of Fatherland.

In the evening, the solemnities moved to the centre of Ashgabat - to one of the most beautiful places of white-marble capital where a new park of culture and recreation –“Arkadag”, arose in the intersection of Bitaraplyk and Atamyrat Niyazov Avenues.

Symbolic is the name “Arkadag“, the park received at the numerous requests of wide pubic of Ashgabat city in honour of the leader of nation Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov.

The new object of social-cultural significance (7-hectare territory) is a successful component of the already-formed architectural ensemble of grandiose structures – a fashionable hotel “Oguzkent”, the Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Union Office, and the State Bank for Development of Turkmenistan.
The grandiose construction project was realized against the order of khyakimlik of Ashgabat city by the subsidiary enterprise «Ussat» of the «Aşgabatabatlaýyşgurluşyk» Production Association. Fulfilled in accordance with the most modern engineering and architectural solutions and innovative technologies, the park is a complex of objects located in the vast territory improved and landscaped. An impressive panorama is revealed immediately behind the wide fliers of the central entrance - the fountains shaped like the Oguzkhan octagonal star are symmetrically laid out with a 8-meter-high clock tower amidst them.

Intended for large solemn ceremonies and grand events, a vast square is decorated with a magnificent arch with large in-built monitors. Here, everything is arranged for comfortable recreation of visitors – decorative street lights; comfortable benches; the two 50-seat cafes offering the aromatic coffee, sweet desserts and beverages.

The designers, naturally, gave special attention to the youngest visitors. Two children’s playgrounds equipped with special health-friendly technological coverings are provided with various slides and swings, the devices for easy physical exercises, tracery summerhouses for family recreation.

The well-decorated square of the park became the venue for the meeting attended by the government officials, heads of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan, ministries, and sectoral departments, military and law-enforcement bodies, capital’s administration, representatives of social organizations of the country and diplomatic missions accredited to Ashgabat, mass media and student youth.

The park’s opening ceremony was preceded by a solemn mass procession in the capital’s main avenue participated by the elders, workers of culture and art, numerous residents and young Turkmen citizens of the capital.

To the sound of solemn music and burst of applause of the people assembled a symbolical ribbon is cut and - the park “Arkadag“is open!

On behalf of all residents of the capital, sincere appreciation was expressed to President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov for his all-round care for the development of the country’s main city, for the prosperous life of Ashgabat residents and all Turkmen people.

Famous actors presented their literary-musical composition devoted to the epoch of power and happiness of the Turkmen state. Young soloists performed the songs that praised our wonderful capital – Ashgabat, and the beloved Arkadag.


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