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Meeting of Turkmenistan’s Central Commission for Elections and Referendums

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Last week, in Ashgabat, a regular meeting of Turkmenistan’s Central Commission for Elections and Referendums (CEC) was held devoted to the upcoming Gengeshi and Mejlis elections in the two constituencies - #7 “Gunesh” and #8 “Dostlukk” of Ashgabat city (to substitute the quitted parliamentarians).

The meeting was attended by the CEC members, representatives of the CEC working groups, national observers and mass media. The leaders of velayat election commissions reported on the preparedness progress to the coming public-political action. For Gengeshi elections, 6,041 constituencies were formed in the territories of towns of etraps, settlements, gengesgliks, which were distributed between the velayat in the following way: Akhal velaya – 973; Balkan -413; Dashoguz – 1,416; Lebap – 1,449; and Mary – 1,790. 33 precincts were formed for elections to Mejlis ((to substitute the quitted parliamentarians).

In compliance with the national election legislation and the CEC Resolution , nomination of the candidates to the members of Gengeshi and Mejlis starts from June 17, 2015 in the two constituencies of Ashgabat city - #7 “Gunesh” and #8 “Dostlukk” of Ashgabat city. Total number of Gengeshi (representative bodies of local governance in the territory of towns in etraps and settlements) is 634. Registration of candidates will be conducted throughout June 27-July 22. After registration, the start-up will be given to the canvassing campaign.

The reports of the leaders of velayat CEC and of the city of Ashgabat were mainly focused on the progress of the ongoing pre-election campaign, on the results of training seminars which were conducted for the CEC personnel. The meeting was also a good opportunity to get acquainted with the changes in the election legislation of Turkmenistan, with official duties of CEC members and on the procedure of elections. Besides, registration was conducted of the national observers who would monitor the election campaign. As of now, 1,888 observers are registered all over the country.

Considered were also the reports on candidates’ nomination delivered by representatives of the Democratic Party of Turkmenistan, the Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Party, Trade Unions, Agrarian Party, Women’s Union, and the Magtymguly Youth Organization of Turkmenistan.

In the course of the CEC meeting, consideration was given to other organizational issues, and the appropriate resolutions were adopted.


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