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The subject of the First Caspian Economic Forum is in Finances and Economy magazine

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Regular the fourth in this year issue of scientific and practical magazine Finances and Economics is dedicated to coming First Caspian Economic Forum, which will be held in Avaza National tourist zone. In this regard, the issue presents the materials opening the role of Caspian region in the economy of the continent, its potential and perspectives of enhancement of the influence of geopolitical processes in Eurasia. In this aspect, the initiative of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on Caspian Economic Forum on regular base, which was highly appreciated by neighbouring countries in the region, is very important.

The issue is opened by editorial introduction article about the importance of Caspian Sea basin in development of foreign economic relations and international cooperation as well as remarkable place of Turkmenistan in this coordination system. Special attention in the publication is addressed to the western region of the country – Balkan Velayat, its economic status, resource, industrial, transit, transport and touristic capabilities.

This subject is continued by article Caspian Sea – the Factor of Interregional Partnership and Economic Growth. The author of the article speaks of the subjects, which will be brought out to the agenda of the CEF 2019 and in this context, about the tendencies of formation of unified Eurasian economic space. It was noted that the participation of the Governments of Caspian States, expert and scientific societies, business and international financial institutes in the forum makes prepositions for making of comprehensive well-grounded decisions and outlining of priorities of cooperation in trade, logistic, investment and innovation spheres.

Section “President’s Programme in Action!” has an analytical review of the condition of national economy of the country and its vectors of diversification, which are outlined in national strategy of the Head of the State. Today, Turkmenistan has entered new level of its social and economic development, which allows promoting its positions in international labour division and expanding export capabilities.

If the position of Turkmenistan was based mainly on oil and gas and textile branches of industry in the first years of independence, today, strong foundation of development of chemical industry, petrochemical spheres, agricultural section, industry of construction materials, plant cultivation and other has been put owing to the efforts of the leader of the Nation. It is important to highlight an ecological character of economic diversification of the country, which provides the opening of green production based on the most modern technologies, which do not make harm to the environment.

All these subjects received expanded highlight in the following materials of the magazine providing the comments of specialists and forecasts of the analysts. For example, article “Digital Economy: World Practice and National Principles”, which outlines the objective set by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for digitization and models of their solutions based on advanced foreign practice but with efficient involvement of scientific resources of the country, is offered to the readers.

Implementation of digital technologies in Turkmenistan is given in various aspects in other articles of the issue including in those narrating about the innovations in banking sphere, activity of scientific and research institutes.

The content of the magazine, which reflects working programme of the First Caspian Economic Forum, was supplemented with professional consultations on legal subjects in investment policy, systematization of economic indicators of water management and other.

Addressed to specialists, heads of government structures, personnel of financial and economic institutes, tax and insurance organizations, banks and private companies, political scientists and experts, the magazine of the Ministry of Finances and Economy, which is published in Turkmen, Russian and English language, also informs wide circle of Turkmen and foreign readers about investment capabilities of national economy and perspectives of its development.


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