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Turkmen pilgrims went on haj to Mecca and Medina

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On occasion of starting haj, the group of Turkmen pilgrims went to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by special flight of Turkmenhowayollary Agency organized according to the Resolution of the President of Turkmenistan.

Boeing 737 – 800 aircraft took 160 our compatriots – the representatives of all velayats and the capital. They will make a haj to Mecca and Medina in the days of the main holidays of Muslims, the Eid Al Adha.

On the previous day, Ashgabat hosted the meeting of the clerics, pilgrims as well as representatives of some departments where certain organizational issues of coming event have been discussed.

The participants expressed the gratitude to Turkmen leader for permanent attention, comprehensive support and help in organization of the pilgrimage and making of necessary conditions for haj.

The pilgrims will visit the place of burial of the Prophet Muhammed and his associates, famous mosques and other sacred places in Medina. The haj rituals will be made in Mecca. They will visit such sacred places of the Muslim world as the Well of Zamazam and the Haram Mosque where they will make a walk around the sacred Kaaba.


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