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Success of Turkmen masters of jujitsu

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At the last week’s Jujitsu Championship of Central and South Asia which was held in the Indian city Bangalore Turkmen nationals demonstrated their high sporting excellence, having won 14 medals (!): eight gold, two silver and four bronze ones.

Hundreds of sportsmen from 11 countries - India, Sri- Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, UAE, Kazakhstan and others – participated in the Championship.

The female combined team of Turkmenistan made a weighty contribution (five gold medals) to sports achievements of Turkmenistan. The highest pedestal was taken by Margarita Filippova (weight class under 49 kg), Madina Aydogdyeva (under 55 kg), Violetta Shumilova (under 62 kg), Zyba Orunaova (under 70 kg) and Göwher Atdayeva (over 70 kg).

Among the male combined team of Turkmenistan, the gold prize was won by Dovletmyrat Kasymov - the best one in the weight class under 85 kg; silver medals were won by Kerimberdi Dovletov (under 62 kg) and Dortguly Jumayev (under 94 kg); bronze medal was won by Mekan Nurjikov (under 69 kg), Abdulla Babayev (under 77 kg) and Muhammet Adayev (over 94 kg).

Besides, Turkmen nationals showed success in the “self-defense” discipline in the pair competitions: gold medalists were the duets Margarita Filippova - Violetta Shumilova, K. Dovletov – M. Nurjikov; bronze - D.Jumayeva and A.Babayeva.

Thus, the trainees of Honored Coaches of Turkmenistan Ata Adayev and Omar Muhammetnazarov won the first place in total team score in the competitions among women and second place among men.


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