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Zagreb applauds our actors

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Last week, Culture Days of Turkmenistan in the Republic of Croatia were a great success. For several days, creative collectives, cultural and art workers and popular singers and musicians of our country acquainted the residents of Croatia with the rich traditions and customs, as well as with music, singing, fine and decorative-applied arts of the Turkmen people. The performances of Turkmen artists drew big audiences, and the Turkmen people’s original national cultural heritage provoked art judges’ sincere interest and admiration.

As was emphasized during a ceremonious closing ceremony of Culture Days of Turkmenistan, which was held in the conference hall of the Mimara Museum of Zagreb (The Croatian Republic’s capital city), that event was a weighty contribution to strengthening friendship and mutual understanding between the two peoples which opened up new possibilities for the humanitarian relations.

Congratulating the participants in Culture Days on the Turkmen arts holiday celebrated in the Croatian land, the Croatian Republic’s Deputy Minister of Culture Alen Kaimovich noted that the current event gave a powerful incentive to the future joint projects in the framework of cultural exchange.

Representatives of Croatian state institutions and creative and scientific community, mass media and general public took part in the solemn ceremony. Summing up the outcomes of the international cultural action, the parties noted that it laid the basis for furthering the two countries’ cultural dialogue.
A joint concert of masters of art of Turkmenistan and Croatia became a symbol of friendship between the two peoples. Its program included classical and national music and dance compositions.


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