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Health resorts of Turkmenistan: Farab Sanatorium

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Numerous modern health and medical centres including the biggest in Central Asia multi-profile clinic for 836 patients in Turkmenabat have been built in the eastern region of the country for the last ten years under the State Health Programme.

Opening of Farab Sanatorium after overall reconstruction with participation of the Head of the State on the right bank of Amudarya River on July 21, 2010 was a bright example of successful realization of the above-mentioned Programme.

Once small sanatorium, which used to work on the base of mineral springs since 1986, became one of the biggest modern health resorts, which completely changed its appearance.

Several new buildings have been constructed in this place including the main building for 250 patients. The sanatorium is provided with advanced equipment for qualified treatment and rehabilitation services. The health resort has diagnostic and treatment department as well as water treatment resort.

The diagnostic department has q unique x-ray, endoscopic equipment as well as apparatus for ultrasound and ECG. The treatment department has physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, enteric diseases and therapeutic physical training sections. Qualified service of dentist and ophthalmologist is available as well.

The sanatorium has ramified medical infrastructure with broad range of relative services on the level of high international standards. All treatment rooms have equipment and hardware from the world famous producers.

Farab Health Resort works on the base of underground mineral water source, which was discovered by hydrogeologists in the end of the 50s of the last century. Permanent temperature of water is 39 degrees. Its composition has more than 30 chemical elements and compounds including iodine, bromine, magnesium, sodium hydrogen carbonate, hydrogen sulphide, iron, sodium sulphate and other.

Iodine and bromine as well as mineral salts react with an oxygen and gives yellowish colour to water. Healing features of the spring are efficient against rheumatism, diseases of nerve, muscular skeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, liver, biliary tree, cardiovascular and skin diseases. Hydrogen sulphide and iodine bromine water treatment as well as Charcot's douche, baths hydro massage are available.

Specialists search for different opportunities for improvement of treatment and preventive work. In particular, new department, which specialized in halotherapy treatment, has been opened recently. It has so-called salt cave.

Big stones of brownish colour with white inclusions, which underwent thorough study in relative laboratories in Turkmenabat, have been brought for this cave from Koytendag etrap in the southeast of Lebap Velayat. The practice showed that halotherapy gives positive effect while treating the diseases of respiratory system.

The sanatorium has comfort conditions not only for treatment but for living of the patients as well. The rooms are designed for two people and provided with all modern amenities. All buildings of the health resort are equipped with central AC and heating system.

Balanced food, different cultural events provide pleasant stay for the patients. Phyto bar offers healthy drinks and treatment cocktails made on the base of herbs growing in Turkmenistan.

The health resort on the bank of Amudarya River improves health and give energy to the residents from all regions of Turkmenistan, which number is always growing.


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