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Health resorts of Turkmenistan: Dashoguz Sanatorium

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Dashoguz Sanatorium, which is located 12-km away from administration centre of the northern region of the country, gains more popularity among the citizens and guests of the country.

This is indicated by the fact that it was visited by more than four thousand people in the first half of this year. This is 500 guest more than in the same period of the last year. In general, up to 20 thousand people improve their health at this place.

The sanatorium was opened in 1988 but it received the status of modern health improvement centre of high level only in 2014 when according to the Resolution of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, new building for 200 patients has been built for improvement of the base of sanatorium and resort network of the health protection sphere.

It has single and double rooms as well as suits with all amenities for the guests. The territory of the sanatorium has pharmacy, amphitheatre, sport grounds, shop, phito bar where the patients are offered with herbal cocktails and tea.

Diagnostic and treatment departments of the health resort are provided with modern equipment from the world famous producers of medical equipment such as Siemens, HabHerman, Human (Germany), Aquamassage (USA), BTL (UK), Fazzini (Italy), Mediprogress (Slovakia).

Aromatherapy is one of innovative methods of prevention and treatment of various diseases in the sanatorium. It is worth to mention that Dashoguz Sanatorium was the first, which started to implement this procedure in the country.

In general, more than fifteen efficient methods of diagnostics and treatment of different diseases and advanced medical and sanatorium practice are successfully used in this place.

Qualified medical specialists of different profile work in the health resort. It has radiology, endoscopy, colonoscopy, ultrasound, ECG, stomatology, gynaecology, internal disease rooms.

However, special feature of the sanatorium is that it has the source of healing iodine bromine water, which was discovered at the depth of 1,200 meters. Its composition includes the following elements: Na+K, Ca, Mg, Hl, SO4, NO2, CO3+HCO3, H2SiO4, Fe, CO2, Pb, Zn, Cu, As, F, Cr, Mn, Se, Mo, Al, Be, I, B, Br, Ra, U. the level of mineralization of the elements is 80, 82 grams per cubic decimetre.

The temperature of water is always 45 degrees with the flow rate of 5 litres per second, which allows using this mineralized water for treatment of arthrosis, arthritis, polyarthritis, osteochondrosis, sciatica, diseases of nerve and endocrine systems and many other.

This is the reason why the hydrotherapy occupies one of the leading positions in this place. The sanatorium has rooms with special baths, pools and shower cabins for various water treatment procedures.

One can use the aqua capsule where so called dry aqua massage, which is effective against diseases of cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine and urinary systems, gynaecological, proctologic and skin diseases, illness of musculo-skeletal system, is made by water jets. Special equipment for underwater vertebral column stretching is at the disposal of the patients. The health resort also has the department of non-pharmacological treatment.

Ozone therapy is among effective treatment methods. Intravenous ozonized saline infusion allows restring oxygen exchange, normalizing endocrine profile and metabolism, removing intoxication, making immune stimulating, antivirus, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action.

In addition, due to artificial climate, which is identical with the conditions of underground salt caves, the sanatorium widely use the halotherapy, which is based of healing features of salt.

The walls and floor of the room designated for these procedures have many layers of salt. The room is filled with the vapours of herbal infusions during treatment session.

It also has all conditions for spa treatment. Special programme can define the volume of pure oxygen, type of aromatic oils, regulate colours and brightness, music background and volume, which makes the treatment to be more effective. This method is used against diseases of nervous, cardiovascular and endocrine systems, internal organs and in cosmetology.

Cryotherapy or treatment by cold is used for treatment of muscular-skeletal system, neuritis, neuralgia, post-trauma and post-inflammatory syndromes. It activates reserve capabilities of the organism and stimulates the work of internal organs.

Availability of all components like mineral water, modern medical equipment and qualified specialists for speedy recovery of the patients in Dashoguz Sanatorium allows providing the service to the patients on the level of the best world resorts.


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