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Health resorts of Turkmenistan: Mollakara sanatorium

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The oldest health resort of Turkmenistan, the Mollakara resort, is about to mark another anniversary of its new history these days. Seven years ago on July 21, 2012, modern sanatorium complex was opened in famous balneological and therapeutic mud resort with participation of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. High level of comfort of excellent town, which sprang on the banks of Mollakara Lake, has been appreciated by thousands of guests who visited this place and improved their health owing to healing power of Turkmen nature.

It is worth mentioning that Balkan Velayat, which territory has various natural landscapes, also has huge capabilities for development of tourism, sanatorium and resort industry. dry riverbed on ancient Uzboy River, which used to carry the waters of Sarykamysh Lake and Amudarya River to Caspian Sea is one of natural attractions of the western region. Range of fresh and salt lakes, which are fed by underground sources, has appeared in this place after the centuries.

Mollakara Lake is the biggest of them. It is located near Jebel settlement, 24 km away from Balkanabat. Healing features of this lake, water and mud, which are rich with chlorides and sodium sulphate, magnesium, iron, bromine salts and other minerals, were known to people from old times. The first water treatment resort was built in this place in 1900.

This sanatorium was always famous beyond the borders of our country and after its second birth, Mollakara experiences unusual raise of popularity. Today, many resorts of the world would be jealous for technical provision of this health resort. Latest medical equipment from the leading producers of Germany, USA, Great Britain, Italy, Slovakia provides broad spectrum of treatment and rehabilitation services.

It has machines for x-ray, endoscopy, ultrasound, ECG, computed tomography and other. Qualified consultations of doctors like general physicians, cardiologists, surgeons, trauma surgeons, neurologist, urologist, paediatrician and other are available there. The sanatorium has dentist, otolaryngologist, acupuncture, electrophoresis, medical physical training, inhalation and other rooms.

Once someone attends cryotherapy rooms, which teats the patient with cold that activates blood circulation and metabolism – the modern method, which very well recommended itself in many branches of medicine from rheumatology and neurology to dermatology, other patient is relaxing in the bath of hot sand. This method is called psammotherapy.

This method is called psammotherapy. It cannot be actually called new; Turkmens skilfully used this ‘medicine’ of the Karakums from old times. Today, this procedure is prescribed during diseases of musculoskeletal systems, joints, periphery nerve system disorders and other diseases.

There is also a room for crystal healing, which is fashionable these days. Rounded hot stones, in this case these are basalt stones, are used for these treatment and massage. They have volcanic origin and thought to have strong energy.

In general, the journey around the treatment rooms allows familiarizing with many new technologies, which enhance the practice of health resort industry by modernized methods of physiotherapy applications, which were proven by ages. For example, there are laser therapy apparatus, which are used for efficient treatment of osteochondritis, arthrosis and arthritis.

Doctors also carry out scientific and research activity in Mollakara, in particular studying the effect of mud and brine, effect of healing resources of this place on human body, use of integrated application of mud and electricity, massage, mechanotherapy and other.

One of the subjects of these studies is dedicated to altitude chamber treatment, which is the way of stimulation of immunity and physiological reserves of organism. This is rather new method that has proven its efficiency. This method (enrichment of the tissues with oxygen) is successfully used during vascular, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal tract, reproductive organ diseases. The data and laboratory analyses received by the doctors prove the future of this method, which successfully supplements the main treatment with application of the main resource of the resort – healing brine and sulphide mud of Mollakara Lake. These healing features are the main things people come to this place for from different parts of the country and from overseas.

The brine is used in the form of healing warm baths while the mud in application or wrapping. It is known that these procedures help treating musculoskeletal disorders, rheumatism, polyarthritis and neurites, osteochondrosis, skin diseases, reproductive system illness and many other. They are also used for rehabilitation after various injuries especially after joints injuries.

In addition, the solarium for 300 people, which is designated for treatment of out-patient visitors and provided with medical personnel, relative infrastructure and beach attributes, is located on the lake. In addition, the length of salt lake is 105 kilometres and the width ranges from 600 meters to 2.5 – 3 kilometres depending on the season with the depth of 50 centimetres to 2 meters. Those who wish to swim in the lake do not need to know how to swim – due to high level of mineralization (200 – 250 mg/l), the water hold a person afloat. Another interesting detail is that chemical composition and naturally the colour of water from dark brown in spring, pale pink in summer, blue in autumn and winter period changes depending on the season.

In general, the sanatorium is designated for almost 1,000 people. In addition to the main building, it has separate building for family visits, children department, SPA centre. The resort has excellent conditions for good stay of the patients like library, internet café, restaurant and shopping outlets, open air sport grounds, amphitheatre and other social and cultural facilities. Phyto bar where you can try tea brewed from herbs growing in Turkmenistan is worth special attention.

Excellent amphitheatre on the bank of the lake becomes the place of interest of the patients in the evenings. It hosts musical concerts, art contests where everyone who love to sing and dance can take part. In addition, trips to Avaza National tourist zone and other places of interest of Balkan Velayat are organized for those who wants. Due to well-established cultural public work, people who come to Mollakara for improvement of health become one big family organizing joint events, concerts and performances.

Friendly communication, interesting leisure become additional stimulus for efficient treatment. People from different regions leaves this place with the feeling of deep gratitude for excellent conditions, from health improvement and charge of life energy, which they have experienced.

Visitors of the health resort highly appreciate an individual approach to every patient, which allows feeling magic power and favourable effect of natural factors of this wonderful place comprehensively.


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