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Turkmen artists are prize winners of international folk dance contest

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33rd Altyn Garagöz International Folk Dance Contest has finished in Bursa (Turkey) few days ago. Turkmen music and dance ensemble Lachyn took the second place, having won silver medal and big prize.

Participating in prestige contest, Lachyn demonstrated with success original traditions and customs of Turkmen nation embodied in music and dance. Bright national dress of artists decorated with embroidery and jewellery added special colours to the performance.

The success was the high recognition of skills and artistic abilities for the artists of Lachyn. Warmth of hearts, sincerity in the process of transformation into scene image and talent of artistic dedication, which Lachyn’s artists presented to the public, have found response of broad auditorium.

The contest was held under the aegis of International Organziation of Turkic Culture, which main activity is t stimulate the development of cooperation between Turkic nations, to protect and pass common tangible and cultural values to future generations.

However, this international contest is very popular not only among Turkic nations. Folk bands from 26 countries including Dagestan, Mexico, Georgia and other countries took part in dance contest.

Lachyn ensemble was founded in 2008. The purpose of the foundation of artistic bands was to revive folk heritage, national dance, folk songs and enrichment based on modern Turkmen art. Music and dance group achieved great success in search for its artistic image and style for short period.

In 2014, Lachyn participated in international music festival of Asian Pacific countries in Krasnoyarsk and Achinsk where they presented popular folk songs and dances, traditional and modern compositions such as Arkadag, Asuda asmanyň Laçynlary, Bagt kerweniand other to the sppectators.


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