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Culture Days of Turkmenistan Officially Open in Turkey

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The city of Sivas, the Republic of Turkey has hosted an opening ceremony of Culture Days of Turkmenistan and a concert featuring accomplished performers from our country.

An exhibition, showcasing arts and crafts, museum pieces, and photographs, has opened as part of the event. Turkmen films are being shown at the Sivas Congress Center.

As President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has noted, independent neural Turkmenistan sees humanitarian interaction among priority areas of cooperation with different countries around the world. This fosters a closer intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding and greater awareness of other nations’ traditions, rich historical heritage, and present-day life.

The ancient city of Sivas gave a warm welcome to the brotherly nation’s representatives. Speakers at the opening ceremony, held in a local library, highlighted that largely through the efforts of their leaders, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the two countries keep promoting cooperation in culture, education, science, national heritage protection, media, and youth policy, along with other sectors.

A wealth of positive experience and long-term cultural partnership offer an opportunity to improve existing mechanisms and instruments for humanitarian cooperation, joint projects and co-organized events, including music, folk and theater festivals, exhibitions and competitions.

Among those attending the ceremony were scores of representatives of the Republic of Turkey’s cultural and artistic circles, historians, art experts, and media workers.

The cultural event is a remarkable testament to the effectiveness of efforts made by the two countries to strengthen the bonds of friendship between our nations, closely linked by common spiritual and cultural values since ancient times.

Organized in the library, the exhibition of museum artifacts, Turkmen arts and crafts, photographs, and books, providing a unique insight into our country’s cultural-historical heritage and modern-day life, marked the start of the Culture Days of Turkmenistan on hospitable Turkish soil.

Our country’s performing artists gave a concert at the Ataturk Cultural Center in the city of Sivas. The performers won thunderous applause from the appreciative Turkish audience.

As part of the cultural program, the screening of a film entitled ‘At Myrat’ took place. It tells about the Turkmen art of horse breeding with a focus on horse-riding traditions. Akhalteke horses, our national treasure, are also greatly revered in Turkey. Therefore, the film drew a keen interest and left a lasting impression on Turkish spectators.

The cultural event reaffirms the everlasting importance of culture, art, and literature in cementing the centuries-old ties of friendship between the two countries, and stands as another testament to the ever-expanding multifaceted dialogue between them.

Culture Days of Turkmenistan in the Republic of Turkey continue.


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