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Festivities in honor of Day of Turkmenistan’s Constitution and Magtymguly’s Poetry

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On May 18, festive events were held countrywide to mark a remarkable date of the national calendar – Constitution and Magtymguly’s Poetry Day. It is no mere chance that these two holidays merged together, symbolizing the indissolubility of our nation’s state and spiritual development in the modern epoch, when the Turkmen people’s centuries-old dream of a sovereign state, glorified in the immortal works by the great Turkmen poet and humanist – Magtymguly Fragi, came true.

The main celebrations took place at the capital’s Monument of Constitution symbolizing the path of glorious victories and achievements, along which the country is steadily proceeding forward under the guidance of the nation’s leader Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov, whose political genius, invincible will and ardent love for his country made its present-day prosperity possible.

From early morning, it was unusually populous at the Monument of Constitution which rises against the picturesque background of the Kopetdag Mountains. The place offers a magnificent panorama of the capital that embodies a powerful and creative advance of the new era, its unprecedented achievements which brought the global name recognition to the country, the Turkmen people, and their leader. One of the main possessions of the modern epoch is the Constitution of Turkmenistan which embodies the fundamental principles of social and political system of the epoch of sacred independence and such particularly important concepts for every citizen as peace, creation...

Green flags were flying everywhere; the colorful fragrant bunches of flowers added to enthusiasm and festive mood of the event attendees. Members of the Cabinet of Ministers, leaders of Mejlis, ministries and departments, Ashgabat city’s khyakimlik, honorary elders, representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited to Turkmenistan, public organizations, numerous residents and guests of the capital arrived there to participate in the celebration.

The holiday is the embodiment of triumph of the Turkmen people’s centuries-old dream of a united, powerful and prosperous state, whose advance along the paths of creation, progress and historical creativity is marked by great accomplishments. And it is but only the beginning of the long way.
Having successfully dovetailed the best domestic and international experience of the state system, the fundamentals of the national and universal values, the Constitution of Turkmenistan governs the social relations which are formed in the process of building a democratic, legal and secular state, and at the same time expressing the interests of the civil society whose main value is a human being.

Upon completion of the flower-laying ceremony at the Constitution Monument, the festivities moved to the historic center of the Turkmen capital – Magtymguly Square, where a carved sculpture of the great Fragi towers over the mirror-like surface of the fountain. The bright carpet of flowers at the monument became the expression of the people’s endless love and devotion to the nation’s great son.

For many years, the Square is one of the most favorite and visited places in Ashgabat, as well as a traditional venue for meetings of masters of culture and art. Writers, as well as numerous lovers of literature, came there to take part in the remarkable event dedicated to the great poet and thinker - Magtymguly Fragi.

The works by Magtymguly have brought a worldwide fame to the Turkmen literature, having become a significant contribution to the treasure house of world literature, and his poetry’s humanistic views had made a dramatic impact not only on the life of the Turkmen in the XVIII-XIX centuries, but also on the other peoples of the East. Unsurprisingly that to this day Magtymguly Fragi still attracts attention of the literary and fine art experts, writers, artists of many countries.

Flower-laying ceremonies at the monuments to Magtymguly, as well as musical performances, poetry readings, and concerts in honor of the national holiday took place not only in the central squares of the administrative centers of the country’s velayats, but also in many foreign countries. Today, Magtymguly’s name is world-known; his immortal works are published in different languages. As the world’s most valuable possession, they have occupied a prominent place among the literary works by poets and philosophers of the past. The Turkmen people reverently honor the memory of the great poet and annually celebrate the holiday devoted to the legendary master’s poetry.


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